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To help ease the financial burden of calling long distance to
pick up individual or all Sunrise Door files, I am offering the
following option:

Send me (2) - 3.5 or (2) - 5.25 HD or (3) - 3.5 or (3) - 5.25
regular diskettes (formatted). Use a mailer that can be easily
reversed and reused to mail the diskettes back to you. Include a
self-addressed mailing label and return postage. I will load the
latest versions of all my Doors and mail them back to you. (If
you would prefer, send $10 and I will handle everything from the
diskettes to the postage).

This option will prove to be significantly cheaper than having to
download at long distance rates. Mail to:

Al Lawrence
604 Bainbridge Drive
Atlanta, Ga 30327