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Alpha Colony VI
Some of the most advanced new colonies soon developed high-tech war
equipment. Other colonies from the Solar Realms defected and created
high-tech colonies. These colonies soon began to split and greed took
over. Now, it was once again, war. Each empire was competing for the
land, and attempted to strengthen its colony. This time, there are a
few changes. The colonies have divided their military into three
branches : Land, Air, and Sea. All combat has become more organized and
greater strategies have evolved, as the great strategists from the Space
Realms escaped to these new worlds. So far, space technology has not
been created. Or has it? Will this war enter the space lanes? Could
there be combat between planets? Will planets unite to destroy other
planets? Maybe....But so far, no space technology has been developed,
and local wars grow at a rapid rate. The growth of these colonies is
chronicled in the *latest* Solar Realm release: Alpha Colony VI!

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