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This program reads a BBS door file and converts it into a standard
Solar Realms format file called DOORFILE.SR. This one program will
work with SRE, SCE, AC6, LEA, PC, and any other games from the
Solar Realm. The purpose of an external door conversion is to
allow sysops of BBSes not supported by SRDOOR to use another program
to convert to the DOORFILE.SR file. For example, if you were
running a BBS that produced USER.DAT as a door file, and SRDOOR
did not support it, you could write a program to replace SRDOOR
that would read USER.DAT and convert it to DOORFILE.SR. See the
section, "File Format".

SRDOOR [specialbbstype [comport]]

The parameters "specialbbstype" and "comport" are required for
certain BBS types. See the "File Format" section for more


SRDOOR COMMAND "" [params...]
params: /TIMELIMIT=
flag = 1 or 0 (ON or OFF)

This is for other BBS types that are not directly supported. The
batch file can pass parameters to SRDOOR to create a doorfile.
NOTE: is in quotes (to allow spaces)

Use the SRINSTAL/ACINSTAL/PCINSTAL/etc. program to set up a batch
file. It will automatically run SRDOOR.

If you have a non-supported BBS, these are some options:
1. Use a doorfile converter to convert to a supported format
(DOOR.SYS or DORINFO1.DEF preferred)
2. Write a program to read your doorfile and write DOORFILE.SR;
if you do this, please send us your program so that we may
incorporate it into future versions of SRDOOR. (see below)
3. Use command-line parameters to pass information to SRDOOR,
which will create DOORFILE.SR.

We have tested SRDOOR with DOOR.SYS and DORINFO1.DEF; we have not
been able to test it with the other door types. If you have any
useful information, please send it to us!

File Format:
SRDOOR reads text files in which one piece of information is on
each line. Unfortunately, some BBS programs do not create these
types of door files. For standard door files, view SETUP.SR for
more information. For a non-standard door file, SRDOOR currently
has experimental GTUSER and PCBOARD/Searchlight modes:

Converts PCBoard 14.x type PCBOARD.SYS files to DOORFILE.SR.
Converts PCBoard 12.1 type PCBOARD.SYS files to DOORFILE.SR.
Converts GT type GTUSER.BBS files to DOORFILE.SR.

Notice that the parameter ®comport¯ is needed in the Old PC-Board
and GT-USER files. Use the COM port that the modem is attached to
(1, 2, 3, or 4).

You can also write your own program to convert your favorite door
file to DOORFILE.SR. The DOORFILE.SR format is:

(line 2): ANSI status: 1 = yes, 0 = no, -1 = don't know
(line 3): IBM Graphic characters: 1 = yes, 0 = no, -1 = unknown
(line 4): Page length of screen, in lines. Assume 25 if unknown
(line 5): Baud Rate: 300, 1200, 2400, 9600, 19200, etc.
(line 6): Com Port: 1, 2, 3, or 4.
(line 7): Time Limit: (in minutes); -1 if unknown.

<> Not tested for BBS types other than DOOR.SYS and DORINFO1.DEF.

<> Baud rates are type, so they go only to 65535.

<> PCBOARD 14.x support not working.

Online Game Writers:
We at the Solar Realm encourage you to use this door file format.
We feel it has all the necessary information for a door game. It
also has the advantage of being easy to read in a variety of
languages (unlike many door files being used that require BASIC,
Pascal, or C). By using an external door conversion program, you
leave open the option for sysops to write their own converter so that
those sysops who have BBSes that your game does not support may be
able to find or write a replacement for SRDOOR.

For more information, contact the Solar Realm BBS at (713)855-1665.
(2400 baud.)

This program is not guaranteed to work. It is distributed "as-is".
If you find it useful, great! If not, we are in no way to be held
responsible. No contribution is required to use this program. It
is meant to be used with Solar Realms door programs.

If any person wishes to use this program for any other legal use,
the only requirement is that he or she write a letter to the Solar
Realm BBS informing them that SRDOOR is being used. Please describe
your project. We are interested in keeping track of all persons
using SRDOOR (for upgrade notices and information purposes). No
charge is required to use SRDOOR, and no fee may be charged for its
distribution. This documentation file must accompany SRDOOR.