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----------------------------------[Alpha Colony 6 0.930 Registration Form]---

Registration is only $15 (U.S. dollars) for AC6 0.930 and all future versions,
so go ahead and register!

NOTE: We do not register this game under handles (for legal purposes).
(No checks from non-US banks! Make out checks or money orders to
"Mehul J. Patel". If out of US, send a check or money order from a
US bank (in US funds), cash, or a postal money order.)

Registration is not required in order to run this game, but we'd like
you to register this game!

---[Required Information]----------------------------------------------------
Name ______________________________________ Age _____________
Address ___________________________________ City ____________
Address ___________________________________ Country _________
Version of AC6: _____________ State ___ ZIP _________________

Name of BBS: _________________________________________________

---[Optional Information]----------------------------------------------------
BBS Type: ____________________________________________________
Com Port: ________ Max Baud Rate: ________
Computer System: _____________________________________________
FIDO Net Node Number(If any): ________________________________
BBS Number: (____) ____ - ______ Your Birthday: ___/___/___
Do you want your BBS added to our BBS List? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Do you use the FOSSIL driver? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Do you run AC6 in DesqView or Windows? [ ] Yes [ ] No

How important are online games on your BBS? __________________

You can download the latest version of AC6 from our BBS (The Solar Realm)
at (713) 855-1665, from the "Free Files" file area without being validated.
You can also file-request from (FidoNet) 1:106/900 as the filename "AC6".

Suggestions, comments, bug reports, problems, or anything else:

Print out this file and send to:

Mehul Patel
4851 Cairnsean
Houston, TX 77084-2541

Thanks for your cooperation!