Category : BBS Programs+Doors
Archive   : AC6-0943.ZIP
Filename : COVERT.HLP

Output of file : COVERT.HLP contained in archive : AC6-0943.ZIP

Spying on enemy forces will give you a detailed report of the enemy's
condition - Military and Territory related info. Spies are very quick
and produce immediate results.

Supporting rebellions in the enemy empire will cause that empire to lose
people and possibly military untill the rebellions are crushed by the

Terrorizing the enemy will result in rebellions throughout the enemy's

Propaganda against an empire will bring people from their empire to

Making distractions will make enemy agents unaware of other covert
operations in their empire. Your agents will keep their attention
allowing you to do other covert operations. After a certain amount
of time, enemy covert agents will capture yours, resulting in you
losing ALL the agents you sent.

Demoralizing the enemy will lower their Training partially. This is VERY
deadly if used multiple times.

Dissensions will cause enemy forces to dissent from the military.

Bombing enemy defenses is useful to destroy a variety of the enemy's

Robbing the enemy is especially powerful in the registered version. Your
agents will steal a part of the enemy's current credits, including their