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Hello! Welcome to Alpha Colony VI, the sequel to SRE. This game is very
similar to SRE, except strategy has taken a whole new meaning. Now, attacks
and Covert Operations are more realistic. They take time to return, and
forces must be sent out. You also have a much more diverse choice of
attack formats. You will notice MANY differences as you play the
latest SR product: Alpha Colony VI!

Well, unlike SRE, this game was designed from scratch; Therefore, so far,
NO ONE, not even I, know any strategies that will definitely work. Good
luck in finding some!

Inter-BBS warfare is the most advanced Online Game feature. It will allow
you to send attacks via FIDO-NET to other BBSs around the world! So far,
Alpha Colony VI does not feature these for one major reason:
Lack of knowledge dealing with FIDO-NET.
If you know how I could send a file through the net FREE OF CHARGE(Routing)
then PLEASE tell me. Also, I am considering packing the file into a
Net-Mail Item, but do not know how to let the Front End know where to send
to. If you know the format of Net Mail or how to do this, please let me
know. I can be contacted at:
The Solar Realm (713)855-1665 OR FidoNet Node 1:106/900
Thank you!
Mehul Patel

The Solar Realm now has it's own SUPPORT ECHO on the FidoNet Backbone.
If you are a sysop, Request SRGAMES from your distributor. If you are
a user, Look in the Message Base for SRGAMES and if it's not there, ask
your sysop to pick it up. Hints/New Features/Bug Reports/Suggestions
are all in SRGAMES. Be a part of the future of The Solar Realm.