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Alpha Colony 6 costs $20 to register. To register, fill out REGISTER.AC6 and
send $20 Cash, Check, or Money Order to the address in REGISTER.AC6.
Registration is NOT required, but we do encourage it!(Of course!)
These are the MANY MANY MANY MANY(Well, maybe not THAT MANY) benefits:

- Nuclear Attacks
- Chemical Attacks
- Biological Attacks
- A Bank with Interest
- Configurable Bank Interest
- Configurable Bank and Food Market Name
- Configurable Turns per Day and Protection Turns
- Configurable Territory in the market and Territory Creation Rate
- Configurable Military Unit Names
- Configurable Territory Names
- Permanent Alpha Colony 6 Registration

Also: By registering Alpha Colony VI, you will also get Solar Conquests
Elite registered for free!

Current configuration systems allow sysops to COMPLETELY(Almost) configure
Alpha Colony VI to their BBS, whether it be Medieval, Space, Sci-Fi,
Fantasy, or even REALLY REALLY Wierd!!

HOPEFULLY to be added soon
More Configurable options!

****Inter-BBS Warfare - The Highest Level of Online Game Entertainment
- Fight other Cities, Countries, etc for FREE!!
- Required to be a member of FIDO or have a way to communicate
with other BBS's automatically.
- Work is currently being done to learn methods of easy setup
FIDO communication

Mehul Patel