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Regular attacks are...well...regular! Successful attacks will give you
about 10% of the enemy's territory.

Strike forces are similar to regular attacks, except you have a huge
advantage during combat. Since you automatically use extra training for
success, it takes much longer before forces can return from combat. This
is very dangerous because it allows the enmy a longer period of time to
retaliate while your attack force is still out. These attacks also take
less of the enemy's territory.

Devastation attacks do not take territory. They serve one purpose:
devastation. Your forces attack and fight a long, hard battle before
they die, with an advantage, killing off many enemy forces.

Continuous attacks are similar to Devastation attacks, except, instead of
a single strike, they will attack 10 times, as intervals. These forces,
because they fight with a GREAT risk of death, will not return to your
empire. You must guarantee them their freedom after battle.

Death attacks are for a final strike. You get a large advantage. They are
similar to Devastation, except your forces will fight to the end. If there
are any remaining, they will NOT return to your empire.

These attacks are Devastation attacks using only one attack force. It is
just as deadly, only in this, you can select what kind of enemy forces you
wish to destroy. Your advantage is slightly less.

Guerilla attacks are attacks in which your forces fight immorally. You send
your men to fire at will and destroy anything they can. Your forces, hidden
and prepared, can fight much longer than the enemy, as they will get tired
and demoralized from looking for you. You have this advantage, giving you
the extra strength to destroy their troops. **Most** of the time, enemy
troops will not know who sent troops against them, therefore, this is good
for keeping your attacks unknown.

This is one of most militarily destructive weapons in existence. They are
very powerful, but the IPP may condemn you and aid the target empire. These
weapons are very unhonorable, and should be used with great care.

The most hated type of attack, these attacks kill civilians, ruin territory
and more. This type of attack is very effective in destroying empires, but
the IPP may condemn you, send economic aid to the target, and possibly aid
in attacks against you. This is the most unhonorable weapon existing.

A new form of attack. This attack will supposedly spread disease throughout
the enemy empire. This has NEVER been tested before, and the true effects
are still unknown.