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What's new with 1stReader 1.10? May 15th, 1993

þ Toll-free online ordering for 1stReader is now available
from The United States of America and Canada! Just use
the ordering system provided at the end of the program.
And you can download your keyfile and begin using
1stReader tonite. No waiting!!!

Our registration fee is still only $25 (US funds).
Compare the features list below to any other offline mail
system available today. Most mail readers require you
to register other utilities (like terminal programs and
file archivers) in order to use their systems. Not with
1stReader! We give you EVERYTHING you need. With other
readers, it could cost over $200 to match what we provide
with 1stReader for only $!

þ Our INSTALL language and utility allows anyone to
create 'add-in' applications for 1stReader. We provide
an online help module for PCBoard bulletin board systems
as an example of just how powerful INSTALL is for you.
(offline help for other bulletin board systems will
be available shortly).

And besides, if you need even MORE power, you've got it!
We have the most flexible API (Applications Program
Interface) in the business. Just write your application
so it can read our API and you're set. We'll even help
you out!!

þ 1stReader supports up to 7,700 conferences per mail
packet and up to 32,767 messages per conference. This
little statistic means 1stReader can manage a mail
packet that contains up to 252,305,900 messages. Need
any more room?????

þ User defineable folders can now support up to 32,767
messages per folder and you can have as many folders
as you wish. Unlimited!!!

þ You can easily view messages in folders and enter your
own replies to them at any time. You can even have
1stReader automatically save your own replies into a
folder for future reference - without one keystroke
required by you.

þ 1stReader now allows you to forward a message to another
user (and you can attach your own personal comments).

þ Fast bookmarks! If you access a mail packet that was
received from a Qmail Door system, PCBoard 15.0's new
internal QWK module, or eSoft's QSO module for TBBS (or
any mail system taking advantage of our QWK/2 packet
format), then inserting a bookmark is a breeze!

þ 1stReader saves your bulletins and new files lists so you
can consult them at any time, even without having mail
packets on file.

þ The 1stReader system provides you with an easy to use
terminal communications system. There is no need to use
other communications products to transfer your messages
and files. Everything is built into the system and is
seamless. A full scripting language is available too.

þ With 1stReader, you can call your favorite bulletin board
systems in the middle of the night (when rates are lowest)
...all from the DOS command line. When you wake up, your
messages are waiting for you. We even support PC-Pursuit!!

þ Our QSZ file transfer engine provides support for the best
file transfer protocol in our industry today, Zmodem. QSZ
also supports Xmodem, Ymodem and Ymodem/G too (if needed).
It's fast and quite pretty to look at!

þ We provide our own ZIP compatible archiving programs for
your use. And our QUNZIP module is 100% compatible with
the brand new PKZIP 2.04g system in use today (nobody else
supports 2.04g (yet)). This means you do not need to go
out and register yet another utility (and spend even more
money) in order to use 1stReader (unlike some other mail
readers out there today). We've got it all...

þ Our internal editor is fast and easy. You can import files
into your replies, quick and easy quoting is available, and
even accents are provided (by pressing ALT+A). But if you
don't like our own editor, use your favorite text editor
with 1stReader. We support up to 100 external editors at
one time from within 1stReader!

þ Internal file viewers and ANSI file viewers are included.
The BEST ANSI reader on the market (sez Joe Malacria, Da
ANSI Phreak). 1stReader features auto-ANSIART detection
and 43/50 line ANSI art modes. We even tries to 'sniff
out' those ANSI messages that do not include the [ANSIART]

þ 1stReader now supports .GIF and .NAP (NAPLPS) graphics
formats. You can view a .GIF or .NAP file from within
1stReader's file manager by simply selecting the file.
We also allow sysops to use .GIF and .NAP files as their
welcome/news/bulletins files within 1stReader too.

þ Sound Blaster support! 1stReader fully supports multimedia
through a Sound Blaster (or compatible) sound card. Now
you can hear voices, music or sound effects. Sound support
included for .VOC, .CMF and .MID files. All of these files
will play through your sound card (.CMF and .MID files are
supported through 'AdLib' or compatible cards).

More than just a gimmick, some bulletin board systems can
put 1stReader's multimedia (MME) support to very good use.

þ Did someone say MIDI?!!! You bet we did!!!! 1stReader
also includes a MPU401 MIDI sequencer. Now, instead of
hearing tones through your sound card, you can *play* any
.MID file through your professional sound system with full
orchestration and clarity! Get out that baton!!!

þ An easy to use external spelling checker is provided.
Again, you can use your own spelling checker if you like.

þ 1stReader supports The Language Translation Pack series
from MicroTac Software. This means that you can receive
messages in one language, translate them into English and
even translate your own replies into another language.
French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian language packs
are available at $99 per language.

þ We provide a 'virtual' mouse keyboard for disabled users.
Either click the LEFT and RIGHT mouse buttons at the SAME
time or move your mouse cursor to the top left corner of
your screen and click the LEFT button to access the
keyboard. Only our products offer this unique feature.

þ 1stReader can manage up to 1,000 taglines internally. And
as always, we provide seamless support for the master of
taglines, 'John Hancock' from The Silicon Frog, Inc.

þ No offline mail reader supports the Internet like 1stReader
does. 1stReader can display a single message that is up
to 32,767 lines long. And our 'Auto-stitch' feature lets
1stReader automatically rebuild Internet messages that have
been 'chopped up' by BBS gateways into smaller messages (a
feature that works with Merlin Systems' PCB-UUCP for
PCBoard systems).

When 1stReader finds an Internet message it automatically
use the RFC-822 'To', 'From' and 'Subject' fields in the
message header. And the reader also provides DOS shell
command modifiers that make UUDECODE easier.

þ 1stReader supports PostLink(tm) routing and will
automatically use a FIDO-compliant tagline if you reply to
a FIDOnet-sourced message. 1stReader even strips out the
high ASCII values for you...

þ 1stReader supports PCBoard 15.0, eSoft TBBS/QSO and
Wildcat! file attachments. You can even request that an
attached file be sent to you the next time you call the
BBS. This feature puts 1stReader's internal file
management system to VERY good use too.

þ Zippy scans. Now you can locate messages that contain
keywords fast and easy. You can even read complete threads
of a discussion when one message was found in the thread
that contained the keyword!

þ You can ignore users with 1stReader (if you wish). Just
enter their names once and you'll never see another message
from them again!

þ We're DESQview aware. And tested under OS/2 and Windows.
1stReader is extremely mouseable. Use the Microsoft Mouse
Driver 8.20 (or higher) to use your mouse in 1stReader
while running under Windows.

þ Online, context-sensitive help is always available by
pressing the [F1] key. You can even customize your own
help screens (if you wish).

þ A full tutorial is included for beginners. Just click on
the '1stTutor' button from the opening menu to find out

Here are some brief 'specific' items added to 1stReader in
this release that are not discussed above...

ú A scrollback buffer has been added in terminal mode.

ú ALT+"-" and ALT+"+" keys will take you to the previous or
next UNREAD message in your mail packet.

ú Added support for the LIST.$$$ file in a DOS shell. If the
program being shelled to by 1stReader creates a file named
LIST.$$$, 1stReader will view it after exiting the SHELL.

ú You can use the DOS shell modifier /LIST: to tell
1stReader to look for a different filename other than

ú 1stReader automatically switches into and out of 'Doorway
mode' (this feature requires Doorway 2.21 (or higher)).

ú 1stReader supports the new internal QWK module found in
PCBoard 15.0. We also support PCBoard 15.0's extended
message headers too.

ú 1stReader is fully TBBS/QSO compatible. 1stReader even
interprets TBBS' %X color codes.

ú You can now request files for downloading from PCBoard
systems that use the Qmail or Rosemail door systems.

ú 1stReader can now load EGA/VGA FONT files from startup
or from the internal file manager. Just select a
.FNT file and 1stReader will load the font for you.

ú 1stReader now supports two dialing prefix strings

ú Added support for "Px " for different
dialing prefixes for different telephone numbers.

ú Added support for accessing 8088 interrupts (interrupts
80h - E9h).

ú Commonly used command line switches can now be stored in
the file "SWITCHES.1ST"

ú Added support for the $$SHELL.BAT batch file. This file
lets you use your own external file manager instead of
1stReader's internal file manager.

ú Added support for the $$TERM.BAT batch file. This batch
file lets you use your favorite terminal program from
within 1stReader.

ú Added a 'confirmation' field for bulletin board systems.

ú Much faster terminal mode and ANSI displays are available.

ú The .COPY command in replies copies 'header' information
into multiple messages automatically.

ú Added the /DEBUG command line switch.

ú You can now scroll 100 lines at a time inside a message
by holding down [CTRL] and the PgUp or PgDn keys.

ú Added a new DOS shell modifier "/MSGTEXT:".

ú Added an "Extra features" button to both opening screen
and Read messages screens. This button allows seamless
integration of 3rd party utilities into 1stReader.

ú The message headers display is now PCBoard 15.0 compatible.

ú 1stReader can now show mail packet names instead of the
date/times of each mail packet in the mail packet menu.

ú You can now tag multiple systems from the opening menu to
call at one time. Or call at a later time.

ú You can now lock your serial port speed in 1stReader.

ú CTRL+PGUP / CTRL+PGDN will log you off immediately after
a file transfer has been completed.

ú You can now swap 1stReader's memory in a DOS shell into a
RAM disk.

ú Added the "/SILENT" DOS command line switch that turns off
all beeps and noises.

ú 1stReader can now display four additional lines of text (by
not displaying the list of commands at the bottom of the

ú Added 'auto sensing' alias support.

ú Added support for additional 'phone books' and the "/FON:"
DOS command line switch to load phone books from startup.

ú Added support for the $$CHECK.BAT virus checking batch file.

ú Support is provided for accessing 1stReader internals with
"FEATURE" commands in .CMD menus.

ú Plus these new script commands:

LOCATE row,col
TERSE (for switching into and out of PCBoard TERSE
mode for more accurate scripting).

ú And MUCH, MUCH more!!!

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