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PAGE 60,132
name NEED
; [ - condensed Toshiba P351
TITLE YYMMDD 1.0 1991/12/20

Comment û
Please report bugs and problems to:
Roedy Green
Canadian Mind Products
#168 - 1020 Mainland Street
Vancouver BC Canada
V6B 2T4
(604) 684-6529
BIX id ROEDY Displays date in form YY/MM/DD without a CrLf

Version 1.0 1991 Dec 20
- released on BIX


; R E G I S T E R C O N V E N T I O N S

Subroutines may trash any registers they please except CS: DS:
ES: SS: and of course the outputs.

û ; end of comment


stack segment stack ; keep MS link happy by providing null stack
stack ends


CODE SEGMENT PARA ; start off in code.


data segment word ; provide a separate DATA segment
; Even though it appears in the source
; before the code, it the COM file it
; will appear at the end. This is as dodge
; to avoid forward references that confuse

Slash DB '/','$' ; separator we use on date

; embedded but not displayed

CopyrightMsg label byte
DB '°±²Û SDATE 1.0 Û²±°',13,10
db 13,10
DB 'Copyright (c) 1991 Roedy Green Canadian Mind Products',13,10
DB '#168 - 1020 Mainland, Vancouver BC Canada V6B 2T4 (604) 684-6529',13,10
DB 'May be freely distributed and used for any purpose except military.',13,10
db '$'

Data EndS


com group code,data ; force data segment to go at the end

ASSUME CS:com,DS:com,ES:com,SS:com
; seg regs cover everything
ORG 100H ; in Code segment


; P R O C E D U R E S

Main Proc near

; see page 384 Ray Duncan's Advanced MS DOS

mov ah,02ah ; get date DOS function
int 21h
; year is returned in CX
; month is returned in DH
; Day is returned in DL

mov ax,cx ; display year
mov cx,2 ; only 2 low order digits
call SayNDigits

Call SaySlash ; separate YY/MM

sub ax,ax ; display month, 2 digits
mov al,dh
mov cx,2
call SayNDigits

Call SaySlash ; separate MM/DD

sub ax,ax
mov al,dl ; display day of month, 2 digits
mov cx,2
call SayNDigits

mov ax, 4c00h ; ERRORLEVEL = 0
int 21h ; normal exit to dos

Main EndP


SaySlash Proc Near

; displays / on screen using BIOS
push dx
lea dx,Slash
mov AH,09h
int 21h
pop dx

SaySlash EndP



; call with unsigned number in AX, CX counts how many digits you want
; converts it to ASCII and displays it on the screen
; leading 0's are NOT suppressed.
; Field is exactly wide enough to hold the number.
; No leading or trailing spaces. DISPLAYED IN DECIMAL
; Method is to repeatedly divide by 10. The remainder at
; each stage is one digit of the result, working right to left.
; Preserves all registers

Data Segment

PAD DB 15 dup (0) ; where build the output string
PADend db '$' ; terminator for Say

Data EndS

push ax
push bx
push cx
push dx
push di ; preserve di
mov bx,10d
lea di,padEnd ; point at $ trailing the PAD
; work right to left building digits at PAD
; CX counts number of digits
NumLoop: ; loop once for each digit
; number so far is in dx:ax
mov bx,10
sub dx,dx ; clear out high order part of DX:AX
div bx ; dx=remdr ax=quot

add dl,'0' ; convert digit to ASCII

dec di ; work right to left
mov [di],dl ; save digit

loop NumLoop

mov dx,di ; start of ascii string, terminated by $
mov AH,09h ; BIOS put string terminated by $
int 21h
pop di ; restore caller's registers
pop dx
pop cx
pop bx
pop ax

SayNDigits endp


CODE ends ; end of code segment

end Main

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Archive   : YYMMDD.ZIP
Filename : YYMMDD.ASM

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