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Here they are: all 250 functions alphabetically organized.
Read toward the end for my final comments and personal
favorite uses for this damn big utility.

New stuff in this version:

/4DOS is 4dos installed?
/DBLSPC is DoubleSpace (Dos 6) installed?
/DRVSYS is Drvsys installed?
/DOSKEY is Doskey installed?
/NLSFUNC is Nlsfunc installed?
/QRTDECK is a QuarterDeck product installed (like QEMM386.SYS)
/SMRTDRV is Smrtdrv.sys installed?
/PARK park the hard disk
/PRANK play a Prank, and create 25 suprise directories
/PLAYCUR play around with the cursor size
/WRITE write one of 36 small .COM files to disk

ULTVU.EXE view any archive file!


/#CHAR Count number of Chars in file
/#LINE Count number of Lines in file
/#WORD Count number of Words in file
/25 Set 25 Line EGA mode
/32CRC Calculate 32 byt CRC
/43 Set 43 Line EGA mode
/ADD Add two numbers
/AMPM Is it AM or PM?
/ANS Is Ansi loaded?
/ARCH Change file attribute to Archive
/ARCID ID Archived File (ZIP, PAK, ARJ, etc)
/BEEP Sound a beep
/BIGFILE Determine Biggest file
/BIOS Get Bios version
/BLOCK Turn on Block cursor
/BOOTDR Which is the Boot drive?
/BORDER Change border color
/BOX Write box to screen (Window)
/BYTECLU Byte/clusters of current disk
/C+ Turn Capslock on
/C- Turn Capslock off
/CHKSUM Calculate Checksum of file
/CLEAN Clean drive graphically
/CLEANUP Cleanup application (close all boxes, etc)
/CLRECHO Echo with color
/CLS1 CLS effect 1
/CLS2 CLS effect 2
/CLS3 CLS effect 3
/CLS4 CLS effect 4
/CLS5 CLS effect 5
/CLS6 CLS effect 6
/CLS7 CLS effect 7
/CLS8 CLS effect 8
/CODE Show scan code of key pressed
/COLD Cold Boot System
/COLOR Set color for DOS
/COMP Compress File (also, /UNCOMPpress file)
/CR Wait for CR to continue
/CURS+ Turn cursor on
/CURS- Turn cursor off
/DAYSTAT Statistics on a day
/DESQ Is Desqview installed?
/DIAL Autodialer (dial a number through modem)
/DIRLST Show a 6 column dir
/DIRPOP Pop directory (restore directory)
/DIRPUSH Push directory (save directory)
/DISKFREE Return Free disk space
/DOSVER Major DOS version
/DRIVE Get current drive
/DUMP Dump environment to file (for restoration later)
/ECHO Naked echo (ECHO blank line)
/EMS Ems driver exist?
/EMSFREE Available EMS
/ENVF Calculate Free environment
/ENVG Show a cool Environment graph
/ENVT Show the total environment space
/ENVU Show percent of used environment
/ERRLOCK Simulate disk error
/EXISTD Does a Dir exist?
/EXISTF Does a File exist?
/EXPMEM Total Expanded Memory
/EXTMEM Total Extended Memory
/FILDAY Determine a File's day
/FILEFIT Will file fit on target drive?
/FILL Fill screen with char/color
/FILMON Determine a File's month
/FILSIZ Determine a File(s) size
/FILYER Determine a File's year
/FKEY Function key assignment
/FLOP Number floppies present?
/FREE Total Space on drive?
/GAME Is a Game Port available?
/GETKEY Get a key from user
/GETMODE What video mode?
/GETPAGE Get page #
/GETSTR Get string from user
/GETVOL Get volume label
/GOTO Goto screen coordinates (X, Y)
/GRAPHIC Determine Graphic device
/HEX Convert hexedecimal to binary
/HID&SYS Show Hidden/system files
/HIDDEN Change file attribute to Hidden
/HYPER Is Hyperdisk installed?
/INWIN Is Windows installed?
/ISDIR Is directory in path?
/KB Show current Keyboard data
/KFF Kill form feeds from a file
/KIL Totally Delete File
/LEVEL Set errorlevel
/LOCK Lock up computer
/LOOP Repeat program many times
/MAP Map entire disk to a file
/MATH Is Coprocessor installed?
/MAX Set the Maximum keyboard rate
/MAXDRIVE Number of Logical drives?
/MEMORY Show a Memory dump
/MODEM Send a String to modem
/MONTH Show calendar for any month
/MOUSE Is Mouse driver installed?
/MUL Multiply two numbers
/MULT Run many commands on one line
/N+ Set Numlock on
/N- Set Numlock off
/NOBUF Clear key buffer
/NOWDAY Get Current day
/NOWHOUR Get Current hour (military)
/NOWMON Get Current month
/NOWYER Get Current year
/NUMBAS Convert numbers between bases
/NUMCLU Determine Number clusters for drive
/OFFMOUSE Disable mouse
/OVERFILL Fill screen with a message!
/PAGE Set video page
/PATH Locate file on path
/PICKFILE Pick a file
/PRINT Is Is PRINT.COM installed?
/PRNAVAIL Is printer available?
/PRNBOLD Print bold string to Printer
/PRNCHR Print ctrl code to Printer
/PRNF Form feed to to Printer
/PRNL Line feed to to Printer
/PRNUND Print underline string to Printer
/PRSCR Print entire screen to Printer
/PUTS Write message to screen ( in COLOR )
/RDONLY Change a file attrIbute to Read Only
/REN Rename directory
/REST Restore screen (also /SAVE screen)
/S0 Star Wars sound
/S1 Arcade sound
/S2 DeadBird sound
/S3 Echo sound
/S4 Fire sound
/S5 High pitch sound
/S6 Siren effect
/S7 Bomb sound
/S8 Phone ring
/S9 Pulse sound
/S10 - 29 20 More cool sounds
/SATTR Get Screen attribute (color)
/SAVE Save text screen
/SCRD Scroll screen down one line
/SCRU Scroll screen up one line
/SEARCH Search for text in file
/SECCLU Determine Sectors/clusters for drive
/SETD Set the file's date
/SHAKE Shake screen
/SHEIGHT Determine Screen height
/SMALLFILE Calculate Smallest file
/SOUND Make noise with delay and tones
/SSCUR Change Cursor's scan lines
/STOP Delay for milliseconds
/STUFF Stuff keyboard buffer
/SUB Subtract two numbers
/SUBDIR Show all subdirs
/SWIDTH Determine Screen width
/SYS Change File's attribute to System
/TD Show date/time (without having to set it)
/TIME Unlimited Interval timer
/TODAY Show only today's files
/TOTCONV Total Conventional Memory
/TOUCH Alter file's date/time
/UNCOMP Uncompress File (see also /COMPpress file)
/VEREMS What's the EMS version?
/VIEW Read text file (similar to LIST)
/VOL Create volume name (for floppies)
/WAITFOR Wait for char
/WARM Warm Boot System
/WEEKDAY Determine current Day of the week
/WND Calculate Wind Chill
/ZERO Kill zero byte files

Register today for only $10.00 !

Okay, enough begging.... Here I am, sitting and typing at two in the
morning. These two ULTRA files have drained 99% of my vitality!

My main purpose for creating this was to blow away all other
batch file utilities (which I think has been achieved), and to set
the standard for future batch file reference. I apologize for having
to split these functions up into two separate files, but my compiler
kept locking up trying to build the entire damn thing in one file.
Using large model caused a hard lock-up upon running ULT.EXE, and there
fore I was forced to use the two-file-format.
I shyed away from having 200 separate .COM files with 200 separate
document files. This would cause MASS CONFUSION and become a large mess
in a directory. I admit these two files are rather large, but the tight
organizational structure is very handy, and outweighs the disadvantage
of a 400 file mess in a directory.

In case you're wondering, my favorite functions are:

ULTVU.EXE the absolute best archive viewer, ever!

/WRITE Writes any of 36 little .COM files that are very useful.

/32CRC Very cool. A definitely good way to check vital
files for viruses.
/DUMP Awesome! If applications are changing your environment
all the time... fight back.
/ENVG Colorful, graphic way to see your DOS environment.
/MAP Save all the files/directories on your hard drive.
/DIAL Call up your friends with the modem! Set up 10 batch
files with all your favorite people in them.

God bless,

Dave Smith

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Archive   : ULTRA60.ZIP
Filename : QREF.ULT

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: