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ExtraDOS Toolbox Professional (tm)

Version 3.43

by Foley Hi-Tech Systems
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TURBOBAT - Turbo Batch File Compiler


TurboBat allows you to compile standard DOS batch files into .COM binary programs.
This will greatly enhance the speed of large batch files by allowing them to run in native
code rather than interpreted DOS commands. The resulting .COM files may call nested
batch files without loosing the parent since the parent calling program is now no longer
a batch file.


2.20 07/07/91

Command Format

TURBOBAT [filename.BAT] [/I]


/I ignore labels that don't start with a letter. This is handy if you use the : as a
comment field holder in some places.


The output will be filename.COM.

In the next release of TurboBat, we will be making an effort to support all of the DOS
commands as well as an extended batch language that will allow the user to write
complicated routines within batch files.

Registered users of this package are free to create any programs using the TURBOBAT
compiler free from any royalties or licensing fees. If you have not registered the
ExtraDOS Toolbox then you may only create .COM files as an evaluation of the product,
but you may not ship any programs, commercial or not, that have been created by this