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SFBUPGMS.ZIP The Silicon Frog Batch Utilities, release 1.0.
By Dan Moore, author of John Hancock, GMS, and
the SFWATCH utility. A major product (56 programs
in all), by far the best set of DOS/file/directory
/video/batch utilities that can be found in one
place at one time. Registration ($30) entitles you
to receive a very attractive set of bonus programs.
Distributed under the new FairWare concept. Over one
year in the making. Uploaded by author.

SFBUDOCS.ZIP Complete documentation for The Silicon Frog Batch
Utilities (over 200 pages), ready to print. May
be copied directly to printer, or you may use the
documentation printing program included in the

SFBUSHOW.ZIP Introductory/tutorial screen shows for The Silicon
Frog Batch Utilities, in full color with special
screen effects. Also covers the bonus programs you
receive when you register. Consider downloading
first to get an idea of what SFBU is all about.