Category : Batch File Utilities - mostly for DOS
Archive   : PROBAT10.ZIP

Output of file : CUSTMENU.BAT contained in archive : PROBAT10.ZIP

echo off
Cursor 20 1

REM The above line inverts the cursor - turning it off.

PBShow %1 Example.scr

REM The above line shows the screen applicable to the choice made.

Wait 2000

REM The above line makes the computer wait for 2000 milliseconds.

goto %1


REM You would place all of the necessary lines to access your WP here.

goto DONE

REM One label for each possible choice in your menu should exist here.
REM It is important though to have each labels last line to read "goto DONE"
REM and then have a label named DONE. Or else the labels will execute, one
REM after the other.

Cursor 12 13

REM The above line reinstates the cursor.

REM You should have a 'CD' command here. One that will change to the
REM directory where "PBMenu.EXE" is stored.

REM Remember the laws of batch files recquire that you not call another
REM batch file from within one, run-time of the original will terminate
REM on that line. All batch code must therefore be included withen this
REM batch file.