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³ 4 4 DDD OO SSS 4 4 00 ³
³ Pk.Btm Version 1.11 for 4 4 D D O O S 4 4 0 o0 ³
³ 4444 D D O O SSSS 4444 0o 0 ³
³ (C) 1991 FMMO Publications 4 D D O O S 4 0 0 ³
³ Informatiques Enr. 4 DDD OO SSS 4 . 00 ³
³ ³
³ [Non-Registered Version] 02-26-92 ³
³4DOS is a trademark of JP Software P.O. Box 1470 East Arlington, MA 02174³

Please read carefully those following lines before trying this batch file or
strange stuff may happen !

What is pk.btm ?

Pk.btm is one of the most complex 4DOS batch files ever published !
It allows you to do almost everything that any archiver shell would do
in a simple batch file. If you are a modem addict, you probably transfer
a lot of compressed files every week, and you have to decompress them, scan
them, test them, and finally describe them. A very repetidious work.
Pk.btm saves you a lot of time when it's time to do this.

This batch file is intended for users of PKware's zip format as their primary
archive format choice, but you might as well modify it to use any other
archiver as your primary archive format.


The first thing you could do is rename pk.bat to pk.btm if you are on
a 4DOS exclusive system. Pk.bat will still work under a non based
system but will display an interesting message, just try it !

Pk.Btm will need the following to work correctly:

4DOS v4.0 ³Please read magicn.fmo if you do not have the latest ³ ³version of the following programs. ³
Around 800k of free environment space.

By using the memory command you can see how much environment you have left,
and if you do not have around 1024k of free environment, please refer to your
4DOS manual on how to get it, BTW it's well explained 🙂

And its configuration files: Pkvar.lst

Pk.btm can also take advantage of the following programs if you have them.

Lha.exe ³The latest version of these prorams are always ³
PkXARC ³requestable via our FidoNet node @1:167/440 ³ ³Please consult magicn.fmo for further information. ³

Please take note that we cannot be held responsible for any damage that pk.btm
might cause to your files/configuration. Please make sure you revise it
entirely before you run it. Because we place most of the system configuration
dependent stuff in environment variables, (to make your job simpler), it does
not mean that you do not have to do anything 🙁


Make sure everything in pkvar.lst fits your system configuration
Make sure that the path that points to this fle in pk.btm is correct !


Even if the names are self-descriptive, here is a description of what the
variables in pkvar.lst consist of !


The path that points to your download directory


Your testing directory, cand be independent from your download
directory, but MUST exist. (We could have put some code in the
batch file to check for the existence of this directory, but it
would have affected the speed of pk (it's most important
caracteristic !) and it's size, which is also caracteristic of
a good program.


The path that points to your upload directory


Directory used by pk for converting the files to the primary archive
format, MUST NOT exist. same explanation as above.


This file is used by %@select in the menu procedures for displaying
the kind of arrow character. You can change the character if you
wish to.

nodesc=Not described yet!

The automatic description for an archive file.


Used by eset in pk for processing the selected file or the
change directory. DO NOT change.


If flagforlogo=no, it will not include a logo into your zip file.


This is the file you wish to include in your archive as a logo
using option -Z for pkzip.










This file contains some already made descriptions that you can access
when pressing escape and enter when describing a file.


Use a browse which can accept piped input from 4DOS using the /s option
like 4DOS list, or of Chris Buerg. (very fast!)


Process file for unarchiving only one file in an archive.
Pk.btm is faster if this file is on a ramdisk.

deleteprotect_off=c:\nu\ep /off

To set your delete sentry off
I use it when I have to clear the %downloaddirtry directory

deleteprotect_on=c:\nu\ep /on

To set your delete sentry on

diropt=/4 /b /k

Options for dir

afterquit=setdos /M1^endlocal

Things that pk.btm has to do before quitting.


Temporary file used by pkbtm to store a directory to change to


Temporary file used by pkbtm to store a list of selected files


Temporary file used by pkbtm to store a list of selected files


File used by %@select to change directory and to choose the working
file, pk.btm will run faster on a slow system if all the .tmp files
are on a ramdisk.

³ DO NOT FORGET to set the path to pkvar.lst on the line that has ³
³ ³
³ "set /r pkvar.lst" according to your configuration in pk.btm. ³
³ ³

You may need to do some debugging if you have ANSI macros or 4DOS aliases
that could possibly interfere with Pk.btm. If you encounter any problem
or whish to make suggestions for enhancements, you can do so by leaving
a message for Fran‡ois M‚nard or Marc-Olivier M‚hu in the Fidonet's 4DOS
conference. We will be more happy to help you. It is also possible to reach
us by net-mail on our Fidonet node @1:167/440.

Also, we had some comments from people who did not like pk.btm to take that
much environment. If you really need thak 1 kb of base memory and are willing
to spend 5 minutes in any good text editor with a search and replace function,
you could replace all the environment variables used in pk.btm by their
equivalent in pkvar.lst ! Speeds up the process to 🙂

Now, lets talk registering.

You will probably think that registering a batch file is just a waste of
time and money. We will prove you that it is not.

With the registerd version of Pk.Btm you will receive:

A Fully descripted listing with many more functions.
A lot of hints and tips to maximize the speed of Pk.btm on your system
A Password that will allow you to come on FMMHOST BBS and download all the new
registered versions as they become available.
A full technical support via our presence in the FidoNet 4DOS conference or
net mail to FMMHOST BBS.

The satisfaction of registering the first batch file in your life !

How to register:

Send your name, address a little about yourself as a 4DOS user,
a floppy disk format of your choice, and
5 $
FMMO Publications Informatiques
2645 Argenson
Sherbrooke, Qc

We will mail you back a disk and a letter with the stuff explained above.

Please note that we will gladly send FREE registered versions to anybody who
will upload on our board a 4DOS batch file of their own of equivalent
complexity and size. Just mail us your name, an address and a 5 1/4 floppy disk.

Where can I get the latest version of pkbtm ?

The latest version is always available by file request on our FidoNet node
@1:167/440 under the magic name of pkbtm.

It is also available on Channel 1 BBS in the 4DOS conference and at CRS.

Thanks to the following people who have átested this *program* and gave us
a few more tricks of the trade :

Alex Boisvert (for the usual beta testing)
David Powers (for a nice *short* user selection algorythm)

We would like you to send us your impressions on this program.

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