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Documentation for IMPRVBT2.ZIP By John Miktuk

The material in this ZIP file is all of my own creation. The ideas,
who knows; Just some things it seemed needed done. This package is hearby
released as shareware. Feel FREE to distribute copies of this ZIP file to
your friends, your local BBS, etc.; PLEASE leave this shareware notice with
it. User support makes this program and all other shareware possible. If you
enjoy it or find it makes your life easier, please register it by sending
$5.00 or more to:
John Miktuk
5625 Niobe Rd.
Panama, NY 14767
If you send more than $5.00, I will send you the next half-dozen or so
shareware programs I write free of charge. I also welcome user feedback and
suggestions. If you have an idea thet you'd like to see developed for the PC,
let me know.
The enclosed programs each have their own documentation in .DOC files.
I have also included a batch file, FORMAT.BAT, which allows a user with a 1.2M
floppy as drive A: and a 1.44M flopy as B: to simplify the formatting process
for double and high-density diskettes. Feel free to modify this batch file to
suit your neds, but PLEASE only distribute the original batch file.
This ZIP file is an updated re-distribution of my batch improvement
set I have released previously, and includes many new programs.
If you have any questions, drop me a line via SNAILNET (the U.S. Mail)