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Iceit Ver 2.01
Written By Mike Hubenschmidt
(C) 1992 High Technologies Inc.

This was written as a simple, but effective means of pausing
you're CPU for any amount of time specified. This program will
pause you're system in a variety of formats.

The various command line options are as follows:

The first format is in seconds.

C:\>Iceit /S10
This will cause a system pause of 10 seconds.

The second form is in minutes:

C:\>Iceit /M10
This will cause a system pause of 10 minutes.

And the third being a specifc time of day:

C:\>Iceit /H10:05:00 for 10:05:00am or 13:05:00 for 1:00 pm.
This will cause the system to wait till a specific time before
continuing it's current process.

At anytime during the course of Iceit you may hit the ESC key to
perform a FULL shell to DOS. After you are finished at the dos level,
just type "EXIT" to return execution to the batch file that Iceit was
executed from. This program is only limited by you're imagination
At the present time it is being use to pause systems briefly without
operator intervention, unattended daily backups, scaning networks
for viri at Night, or when it's the least active. Optimizing disks
at a specified time. And a variety of other uses. The concept was to
be able to perform time consuming tasks at night, so one dosen't
have to be paid or waste time waiting for functions to be performed.

Here are some examples of batch file configurations for iceit.

Mcfee's Virus scanner (unattended at night)

ICEIT /01:00:00
On large drives virus scanning can be extreamly cumbersome and time
consuming. In this example, drive C: is a local hard disk, D: and E:
are network drives. So what we do is use ICEIT to pause you're local
machine till 1:00am and then resume to scan the drives, when there is
the least activity on the network. The following parameters >>C:\SCAN.DRV
takes the results of the scan and appends the output ">>" to a file on
drive C: called SCAN.DRV, that way when you come in, all you have to do
is "Type C:\SCAN.DRV", and you will see all the results of the scan.

Simple Pause to break out of the Autoexec.bat

With computers getting faster and faster, it is getting harder to
break out of the autoexec.bat. Some people might say "Well why would
I want to?". You might never have to, BUT there are certain instances
were you might HAVE to or want to. For instance if you don't want to
go into the windows environment, in this example all you have to do
is press ESC at the Iceit screen and it will put you in a full dos
shell. Thus saving you the time from bringing up windows, then having
to shut it back down again. Or an application that locks you're system
up, well if you have it in you're autoexec.bat you can shell out of it,
instead of having to go get a boot floppy and do it manually with that.

Example #3
Unattended Backups
It would be impossible for me to give examples of every tape
drive backup unit, so I used the Colorado Memory Systems drive
and software. In this example Iceit waits for 500 mins. after
you start the batch file before passing execution to the tape
program. When it does all the results of the backup and compare
are appended to a file on the C: drive in two seperate files, one
for the backup and one for the compare. All you have to do is view
the files in the morning, to insure everything went alright.

Other applications Iceit is used for:

Nortons Utilities Speedisk and Disktest
Everex Tape Backup Systems
Fullback (Bitech) Tape Backup systems
Xtape Tape Backup Systems
Central Points Antivirus
Norton's Antivirus
Fasttrack Disk Unfragmenter
Many network Utils for Novel (At night)

This product has been throughly tested on the following systems:

IBM PS/2 Model 25 Through 80
Compaq 8088's to Compaq 486-33M
DTK 386-25's to 486-33's
Leading Edge
NEC 386's and 486-33's
Deskview 2.26 and earlier
Windows 3.0
Novell Netware 2.11-3.11
Lan Manager 1.1
Microsoft DOS up to 5.0
Compaq DOS up to 5.0
IBM DOS up to 4.00

If you find this utility usefull and plan to use it for mor than 15
days Please send $15.00 U.S. dollars to the following address.
You will recieve a registered copy, in you're name along with all
future updates to the program. The registered version will not have
the pause at the end.

Mike Hubenschmidt
26 Moran Dr.
Waldorf MD 20601

All comments and suggestions are welcome.
Also if there are any special needs that you want but can't find,
don't hesitate to write a letter in detail, describing the situation
and problems, and I'll look into writing a little utility to make
you're life a little bit easier!!... Have a nice day and enjoy my

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