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Mail this form with payment to: Monterey Bay Disk Data Systems
For information: phone (408) 646-1899
MOBY DISK or (408) 646-1373
Attn: Bob Stephan (Sorry, no phone orders please)
1021 San Carlos Road Messages: MOBYDISK on GENIE
Pebble Beach, CA 93953 72357,2276 on CompuServe

Quantity Item Unit price Amount
GET.EXE -- Bob Stephan's BATch Enhancer -- Includes one upgrade!
_____ GET.EXE registration/disk/manual/upgrade $15.00 _______
MASDIR Version 5 -- Replaces DIR -- Prints Disk Labels/Covers!
_____ MASDIR Version 5 registration/disk $19.00 _______
_____ MASDIR Version 5 printed manual $5.00 _______
_____ MASDIR + GET SPECIAL OFFER $29.00 _______
_____ MASDIR Upgrade(s) from Ver. 4.2 $9.00
_____ MASDIR Upgrade(s) from Ver. 4.3 $4.00 _______
_____ For 3.5" disks add $0.50 per disk _______
See below for handling charge on label orders.
___x100 5" plain white (5"x1.5") _______
___x100 3.5" plain white (2.75"x2" non-wrap) _______
___x50 3.5" plain white (2.75"x2.75") _______
___x50 3.5" color border(2.75"x2.75") _______
Recommended only for printers with bottom feed!
Specify __red, __yellow, __green, __blue, __orange (per 50)
TOTAL _______
Deduct: 10% discount for 5 or more registrations. _______
Up to $3 rebate for original shareware disk from an auth-
ized distributer, e.g. PsL, PC-SIG. Valid with each new
registration only. You must send MASDIR disk and receipt) _______
SUBTOTAL _______
Add: 7.75% sales tax in California _______
Handling, only if any LABELs ordered $2.00 _______

Enclose: Check or money order for this AMOUNT _______
(No plastic(**below) - send cash at your own risk) THANK YOU!
As usual, prices are subject to change.
Ship to: (please give name, full address and telephone number)





Where did you find out about MASDIR?__________________________________
_______ Check here if printer is NOT Epson/IBM compatible.
(If you are ordering MASDIR and your printer is NOT Epson
compatible, enter your printer type or codes on the next page.)

**GET can be registered on-line on NITELOG with VISA or MASTERCARD.
Enter S for Script, then 3 for Script 3 and complete the order form.
This method requires a $4 processing fee in addition to the

The latest version of GET is always available for first time downloads
on the following two boards on the Monterey Penninsula in California:

NITELOG 408-655-1096
CRICKET 408-373-3773

A brief BBS registration is required for first time callers. GET is
FREE for personal use, but contributions to support the development
are accepted as registrations - $15 or more suggested. See the README
and DOC files for more details on licensing and benefits.


Versions of MASDIR are also available for the following printers:

Tandy Okidata Toshiba HP LaserJet

Circle one of the above, or enter your printer codes below.

Type of printer_______________________________________________________

Set form length to 9 lines (1.5 inches)_______________________________

Set form length to 33 lines (5.5 inches)______________________________

Set form length back to normal______________________________________**

Set compressed mode on_________________ Off_________________________**

Set superscript on_______________________ Off_______________________**

Set line spacing to 1/8 inch (8 lines per inch)_______________________

Set line spacing to 15/216 inches or 5/72 inches

(approx 14.4 lines per inch)___________________________________

Set line spacing back to normal_____________________________________**

** or RESET CODE to set everything back to normal_____________________