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DOS version 1.0 (c)1993 Hearty Mosquito SoftWare

Hearty Mosquito SoftWare is not responsible for anything.
Use at your own risk.

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This program reports free space available on a drive, or group of drives.
It will exit with an errorlevel that corresponds to the number of free
megabytes on the LAST drive reported.

Thus, if:

42,661,888 bytes total on drive C:
8,058,880 bytes free.

FREE will exit with errorlevel 7.

1 megabyte is 1024 bytes x 1024 so FREE exits with errorlevel 7, even though
the there are more than 8 million *bytes* free.

This makes FREE ideal for use in batch files with single drives that require
a specific amount of free disk space.

FREE [?] [a] [b] ...

Using ? as the first parameter will tell FREE to display the
errorlevel when it exits:

Other parameters can be any combination of drives. Only the first letter
of each parameter so the following will all result in the same output:

FREE c d
FREE C: d:
free cheers dilbert
³ ³
first driveÄÙ ³