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ENCLOSE allows you to create attention-getting display lines enclosed in
"boxes" consisting of double-lined borders. If you have ever done manual
editing of a file to compose borders with ASCII characters, you know just
how time-consuming and annoying that can be.

ENCLOSE is a quick and simple utility that takes care of one of those
annoying and repetitive tasks with one easy command-line entry.

You can use ENCLOSE on a "stand-alone" basis, but it is designed for, and
is most effective in batch files, replacing several lines of "ECHO ÉÍÍ ..."
normally used to create a line of text surrounded by a border.


The command line syntax for ENCLOSE is:

ENCLOSE "Phrase_to_be_enclosed" OPTIONS

For example, let's say you want to enclose your company name in a "box" as
a title that appears on the screen when a batch file runs. You would make
this entry as a line in your batch file:

ENCLOSE "Welcome_to_XYZ_Company"

When the batch file is executed (or if you run ENCLOSE alone), the screen
output will be:
º Welcome to XYZ Company º

As you can see, ENCLOSE automatically converts each underline ( _ ) character
to a space. You must include the double-quotation marks at the beginning and
the end of the phrase that you want enclosed. The characters between the
quotation marks can be any character except a space. Use the underline
character to mark where spaces should be. The phrase can be up to 76
characters long.

The following syntax errors will cause ENCLOSE to fail, displaying an error

- Forgetting one or both quotation marks.

- Including a space between the quotation marks.

Š - Using a phrase longer than 76 characters.

- Attempting to use an empty phrase ( "" ).


ENCLOSE recognizes three options on the command line:

B - (Beep) ENCLOSE will sound the computer's speaker for
1/4 second as the enclosed phrase is displayed.

C - (Center) ENCLOSE will center the box and enclosed text
in the middle of the current line. (Normally, the box
and text start in column zero, left justified).

F - (Flash) ENCLOSE will print a flashing phrase inside the
box for additional attention attraction.

The option letters can be entered in any order. One, two, or all three
options can be used at one time. The options are not case sensitive, thus
either 'B' or 'b' will invoke the beep option. Invalid option letters are
ignored, as are duplicate option requests.

To add an option(s), simply add a space after the quoted phrase and then
type the option letter. Add a space before typing each additional option
letter. For example:

These are valid option switch commands:

ENCLOSE "Have_a_nice_day" B

ENCLOSE "Be_sure_to_do_backups." C B

ENCLOSE "Attaching_to_LAN..." B C F

ENCLOSE "Sorting_files__...__please_wait" c f

The ones below are not:

ENCLOSE "Have_a_nice_day"/B

ENCLOSE C B "Be_sure_to_do_backups."

ENCLOSE "Attaching_to_LAN..." BCF

ENCLOSE "Sorting_files__...__please_wait"c f


ENCLOSE is a "no-charge-ware" program. You may use, copy, and distribute it
without charge, providing the following conditions are met:

- No charge is to be made for distribution, except for a nominal

"media" charge not exceeding $5.00 to cover diskette and/or
shipping and handling.

- This original documentation file must accompany the program.

- This program may not be "bundled" as part of a package for which
a charge is made.

- The program and the documentation may not be altered or modified.

- The author disclaims all responsibility for damages arising from
the use and/or implementation of this program, including, but
not limited to consequential damages and indirect losses. No
claim is made by the author as to the fitness of this program
for any purpose, and it is the responsibility of the end-user
to determine the suitability and fitness of this program for
their intended use(s).


03/04/90 Version 1.00

04/17/90 Version 1.01
- Added centering option.
- Added trap for CHR 0 and ESC.

04/28/90 Version 1.02 (current release)
- Added beep and flashing option.
- Streamlined code to reduce file size.


Version and serial number information can be displayed by typing


Wilson A. Rogers
P. O. Box F-626
Feasterville, PA 19053

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