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B u i l d e r 1 . 5 0 U p g r a d e

NOTE: This file is availible for downloading as BULL5.BBS


for the asking......

We are proud to announce the release of a major BUILDER upgrade.
Almost six months in the making, a new and improved BUILDER is here!
Your suggestions and comments have been implemented in this new release.
New features in v1.50:

Division FileChangedDateToLong
Multiplication FileChangedTimeToLong
HasExtension CurrentDir
Encryption Write
MouseHideCursor MouseInstalled
MouseShowCursor LongToDateStr
Dont LongToTimeStr
If CharToNum
StrDateToLong Input
MidStr StrTimeToLong
NumToChar SysDateToLong
ClearLineTo ReadScrLine
SysTimeToLong Videomode
Not Stuff
Or Sleep

Editor Arguments
New Save Method
Save Colors

Now you can stuff the keyboard for automated program execution; time
the execution of a task; automatically encrypt a file for greater
security; execute expanded math and string handling; and much more.
And we've reduced BUILDER's overhead. With v1.50 you can create a
160 byte compiled "Hello world" program. That's right, you get more
powerful files that are SMALLER than ever before.

You get a brand new manual, and all new example files on

Order your BUILDER v1.50 upgrade using the [O]nline Store from the BBS
menu, or call us at (800)873-9993. The upgrade package (including a
new FULL manual) is only $37.50 plus $5.00 handling. Only current
owners are eligible for this price.

Still not convinced? Download BLDR150.ZIP to see the new features
in action!

Orders will be shipped in the order they are received.
Order yours today!

hyperkinetix, inc.,
666 Baker Street, Suite 405, Costa Mesa, CA 92626.
Telephone (800) 873-9993 or (714) 668-9234 FAX (714) 979-2813

Builder 1.50 upgrade $37.50