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Executes DOS applications ONCE A DAY - an AUTOEXEC utility

Released - January 1, 1992

(C)opyright 1992, All rights reserved, PC Advice

This utility program was written to save users time by only
running applications, like virus scanning programs, ONCE EACH DAY.


@ echo off
prompt $p$g

In a typical day, a user may re-boot his PC several times. If you
believe scanning the hard disk each time is redundant then

AUTORUN is for you!

AUTORUN compares the current date to the last execution date
of your scanner (or any application). If the dates are the
same, AUTORUN does nothing. If these dates have changed,
AUTORUN sets the last execution date to the current date and
executes your scanner automatically.

AUTORUN is SHAREWARE and is supported by you, our trusted user.
Register your copy today! It is modestly priced at $6 each
machine and $12 for each diskette that you wish for us to send
you with our latest release (shipping and handling).



Files Included
AUTORUN.DOC This document file.
AUTORUN.EXE The executable AUTORUN program.
AUTORUN.CFG An initial config file for AUTORUN.

Program Overview

AUTORUN is designed to run a given program once a day. To do this the
AUTORUN program should be placed in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Then every
time the computer is rebooted AUTORUN will execute. AUTORUN will normally
compare the current date to the last execution date. If the dates are
the same AUTORUN does nothing. If the dates are different AUTORUN sets
the last execution date to the current date and runs the specified
program. The last execution date is stored in the AUTORUN.CFG along
with a special "stuck" date. The stuck date is initially 01/01/80,
however, the user may change this by running AUTORUN STUCK=MM/DD/YY
where MM/DD/YY is a new stuck date. The stuck date is used for those
machines who's clock/calendars are broken and stuck on a fixed date
other than 01/01/80. AUTORUN will find the AUTORUN.CFG only if it
is in the current directory.

AUTORUN may take three additional actions depending on the
following situations.

ú AUTORUN is being run for the first time. AUTORUN.CFG will be
built with the current date as the last execution date and
01/01/80 as the stuck date. The specified program will then be

ú If the current date matches the stuck date, AUTORUN will prompt
the user with:
"Do you want to run the program XXXXX (Y/N) ? "
where XXXXX is the program name to be run.

ú AUTORUN is run with the STUCK= option. AUTORUN will load the
new stuck date into AUTORUN.CFG and ignore any other command line

IMPORTANT! DO NOT edit the AUTORUN.CFG file with a text editor. If you
already have and the program is not executing properly, erase the file
and run your normal AUTORUN (i.e. with the normal arguments). This will
rebuild the AUTORUN.CFG file with the current date. Then if you had a
special stuck date run AUTORUN STUCK=your date.

Program Usage


Where: úSTUCK=MM/DD/YY is an optional parameter to input the
date in which the computer is stuck on if the clock
is dead and is not stuck on 01/01/80.
Note! The date MUST be entered in MM/DD/YY format.

úPROGRAM is the name of the program to run upon a date change.

úPROGRAM OPTIONS are command line options for PROGRAM.

* * * AUTORUN Registration Opportunity * * *

The best way to decide if you want to buy a product is to try
it first. AUTORUN is SHAREWARE, not free software. You are
invited to register by completing this form and mailing it with
your check. Registered users receive notice of other currently
available packages and get on the mailing list for notice of
future tools and applications. We have other handy software.


Name: __________________________________________ PC Advice

Address: __________________________________________ PO Box 467215

__________________________________________ Atlanta, GA

Phone Day/Night ___________________________________ 30346

I received AUTORUN From:_______________________________, Who is a:
__A) Hardware/Software dealer __B) Friend __C) Consultant
__D) Shareware Distributor __E) BBS by Modem __F) At Comdex

Floppy Drives: AUTORUN is used:
__A) 3.5" __B) 5.25" __A) Work __B) Home

-------------------------- LICENSE PRICING -------------------------

1 - 100 One to hundred users $6.00 Each Machine
101 or more Corporate License (w/source code) $495.00 Unlimited usage

-------- --------------------------------- ---------- ---------
________ AUTORUN Version 1.1 Software Lic. ___$6.00__ _________

________ Send latest version on Diskette __$12.00__ _________

Georgia residents please add state sales tax _________

Overseas add $10.00 for shipping diskettes _________

TOTAL ORDER _________


* * * Thank you for Using and Sharing AUTORUN * * *
All rights reserved, PC Advice, 1992
(404) 396-2217

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