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Purpose: The WD command (Which Directory) searches an entire disk drive for
any and all occurances of its file name argument, which may contain
wildcards if desired. Its purpose is to locate a file which has been
placed in a "forgotten" directory, or which may exist as multiple
copies in several directories due to error or intention.

WD output only lists the drive, path and file name
WDX output adds the date and time filestamps
WDD output is the same as WDX, but in dBASE "comma delimited" form.

Format: WD [path] [filename] [.ext]
WDX [path] [filename] [.ext]
WDD [path] [filename] [.ext]

Remarks: The WD command only searches the CURRENT drive, and will not accept
a [drive:] parameter correctly. Therefore, you must change drives
to the desired disk before entering WD on the command line.

WD accepts wildcards in the [filename] [.ext] parts such as:


Note: WD may be very SLOW running, particularly when it is run on
a remote (LAN) disk, and is very slow when run on the any very
large disk. For this reason, unless your machine is a fast
286 or 386 based machine with a fast disk, please try to minimize
its use when you already know which directory contains the
file(s). You can break out of WD by pressing CTRL-BREAK if
it seems to be running too long, or has already found ONE
version of the file(s).

The output of WD may be redirected to a file for later inspection,
and the output will always contain the full drive, directory and
file name(s) found which match the specification.

NOTE: WDD output, piped to a file, is ideal for loading into dBASE III+
or other databases which support comma delimited input files,
as the basis of building and maintaining databases of your hard
disk or floppy disk contents. See ALLFILES.DBF for the template
of a suitable dBASE file definition.

APPOLOGY: The author, W.B. Malthouse, created WDX and WDD from the code
originally given in a magazine (probably PC) for the "WHEREIS"
utility program. However, he has not had the time to extend
its output to include the file sizes found, since converting
sizes > 65536 to ASCII is a minor chore he was not ready to
attack at the time the extensions were written several years
ago. Please feel free to add your own "size" extensions to the
assembler source programs included with this distribution,
(and send me a copy ... I'm still to lazy!).

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Archive   : ABFS.ZIP
Filename : WD.DOC

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