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Demonstration 1 -- "Restartable" Batch Files

o Have you ever written rather long .BAT file, and had it "crash" at
some point due to a missing file, write protected file etc., only
to curse fluently because you could not "restart" it other than at
the top without either creating a new batch file by editing the
old one or simply editing the old one and destroying it in the process?

o Here's how to use the ENVIRONMENT and the %0 BATCH Parameter to handle
the situation:

1. Wherever you MIGHT want to restart, insert a LABEL like


2. Follow this with:


3. At the TOP of the BATCH file, code the following:


Ok, here is what happens -- (provided your ENVIRONMENT is big enough to
hold the RESTART=3 variable of course ... {use SHELL= ... /E:nnn}).

1. The BAT file starts execution, and as it passes each restart point,
it (re)sets the "global variable" to 1, 2, 3 ... etc.

2. Presume a failure or {CTRL-BREAK} occurs in PHASE "2" and we want to
restart. We type the basic .BAT file name like DO_DEMO1 and any
parameters it needs, which then restarts the .BAT file at the top.

3. Now, however, the environment variable RESTART is Non-Null, and
the IF statement then branches us right to ":PHASE2"!

o Lets see what happens with this technique by running Do_DEMO1.BAT, and
then pressing {CTRL-BREAK} at the PAUSE in the file located in PHASE2.