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Change History for the Visual Basic Add-on DLL

Version 1.00 - Original release on 9/16/91

Version 1.01 - Removed restriction on DiskSetLabel function - This function will now label or relabel
any diskette.

Version 1.02 - Corrected error in DiskSetLabel when new label was shorter than previous label.€Ìw>r<®Î¨¥!½à-->W- !½-4>2>j®E ¤ ¥­PoF¥4>N>[V­$,®
$E .h>6PÿÿK,€°ÿÿ²ÿÿÞÿÿàÿÿHÿÿlÿÿnÿÿÎÿÿ½-4>2>j®E ¤ ¥­PoF¥4>N>[V­$,®
$E .h>6PÿÿK,fà=Ð/  28`'8¨9Ð8Ø6te.LMÿÿÿÿÿ Helvetica