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This is a pair of simple text encryption/decryption routines that return text
strings. As long as you don't use the extended IBM character set (ASCII codes
128-255), the results will be printable and can be used in sequential files.
The encryption technique won't stand up to any serious attempt to crack it, but
it's reasonably subtle in that the same character will not always be encrypted
the same way. It's sufficient for low-security purposes. The TXTCRYPT.BAS
file contains both TextEncrypt and TextDecrypt functions, as well as a small
example program that demonstrates how they work. Enjoy...

-- Tom Hanlin, 02/01/90

These routines were thrown together at the request of a ProBas customer whom
I met at a BASIC Symposium. The routines are donated to the public domain
and may be distributed or altered any way you please.