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Dear ShareWare Vendor/Sysop:

This file contains our distribution policy and product information.


All PractiSys products are protected under United States and
international law by registered copyrights. As a shareware distributor,
you have permission to distribute our shareware in its original
electronic form as long as you:

* do not modify storc.exe, storc.ini, storc.hlp
* distribute all the files TOGETHER

..and as long as we do not request that you stop distributing this software.

You may archive our programs, unarchive them, use your own installation
routines, include them with other programs on the same diskette, and do
essentially anything you want as long as you follow these simple rules.
We want the widest possible distribution, and don't want to stand in
your way so long as you are honest with our mutual customer.

If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints, please contact me:

Julian Rozentur
4767 Via Bensa
Agoura, CA 91301 USA

Voice: +1 (818) 706-8877
InterNet: [email protected]
CIS: 72010,567

International: If you are a publisher interested in translating and
supporting our products in another language, please contact us to
discuss an exclusive agreement for your language and country. If you
are interested in providing registration and support services outside of
North America in English, we are interested in working with you on a
non-exclusive basis.

Our distribution sequence is:

1) new versions are posted on CompuServe (WINSDK, MSBASIC forums)
ID 72010,567
2) (for major releases only) an upgrade offer is made to all registered users
3) then we send copies to bulletin boards that historically brought most
4) After that we send copies to vendors and sysops who have
requested them.


Package Name: STORC GOLD 1.0

BBS/CIS Name: STORC1.EXE (Original Package is an LZH self-extracting archive)

Major Heading: Programmer's tools, Windows Tools, MS Windows, Visual Basic

Configuration: PC-MS/DOS 3.31 or later, MS Windows 3.0 or better, 400Kb disk

First Release: 1992

Purchase Price: $39.93

Customer Support: 90 days with purchase.

Key Words: Windows Convert Prototype Resource Convert VisualBasic VisualC

Short Description: Screen-To-Resource Converter

Medium Description: Converts VB forms into SDK DIALOG scripts

Full Description:

A programmer's tool, allowing to convert
a demo written in VisualBasic or any
other prototyping tool into actual
product developed using MS Windows SDK.
Has special features helping to convert
forms between VisualBasic and VisualC++.
Can also be used to save any window on
screen as a DIALOG script.

Audience: Microsoft Windows programmers that create Visual Basic demos