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************************* Welcome to STORC GOLD! *****************************


-- To install: copy all source files from the diskette
or execute the self-extracting archive file storc1.exe
-- Destination directory
any directory in DOS path; for Windows 3.1 any
other directory will do too.


This is a demo of new 'Gold' release of Storc.

It has following new features:

-- font readings for the dialog box itself and individual controls
-- parent window/controls color readings(text foreground/background,
background brush)
-- parent window menu and sysmenu readings
-- screen-related v.s. parent-related coordinates option for the
dialog template
-- on-line help
-- support for VB 2.0
-- support for Visual C++/C8 MFC VBX controls


-- you can run Storc under Windows 3.0 if you wish. However, the program
does not assume you will also compile the resulting script for 3.0.
If you will, make sure you turn the 'screen-related coordinates'
option off, since it is not supported for Windows 3.0.
-- The help file storc.hlp requires Windows 3.1 help engine(winhelp.exe)


-- Storc now can create CONTROL statements for VBX controls in format
introduced by Visual C++/C8. This feature is on by default and is
controlled by 'Native VBX' option on STORC menu.

All the VBX controls you are going to use should be installed in
AppStudio first.

Storc relies on APSTUDIO.INI for information on VBX controls to use.

Note, that AppStudio only supoprts VB 1.0 controls. Storc provides yet
another control class mapping mechanism for VBX controls.
[VBX MAP] section in storc.ini instructs storc to always substitute
one control class for another; thus you can use a VB 1.0 control in
place of a VB 2.0 control. You could also map a VB 2.0 control into
a standard windows class, lick 'button' using class translation

Here is general format of [VBX MAP] section:



Classname1 is WINDOW CLASS NAME of the control window, with or
without the 'Thunder' prefix, e.g.: 'ThunderSpinButton'
Classname2 is what you wnat to map it to (similar in format to 1)

Storc will generate following CONTROL statement for control i:

CONTROL ";;",id,"VBControl", ...

where is real control text (as in original form),
e.g. 'spin1'

This is the format required for proper initialization of CVBControl
class object. Please refer to MFC documentation for more details.

- End -