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===============Thank you for trying out this demo!==============

We hope it gives you a good idea of what STORC GOLD is capable
of doing for you...

Here are some reasons for you to order fully-functional version of
STORC GOLD 1.0 (check all that applies):

[ ]Save time! Designing dialog boxes is one of the most
time-consuming and least exciting tasks in Windows Programming
[ ]Save effort! Do not do the same control alignment work again
[ ]Meet that deadline! Your boss will never now how easy it was to
port your forms over to SDK
[ ]Keep that customer! He would never believe if you told him you
have to redo all the forms in the prototypes he has seen just
to make the program run faster...
[ ]Keep your sanity! This giant project your company was developing
can be ported fast with minimal effort

The features of STORC GOLD you might want to consider in your

[ ]Allows to reuse VBX controls when converting VB forms to Visual C++
[ ]Captures the Main Menu and Sysmenu of any running application.
[ ]Captures color information from any window on screen (and its
[ ]Captures the font information from any window
[ ]Provides ready-to-use dialog and menu scripts
[ ]Creates scripts in special format for Visual C++ AppStudio VBX

We offer 30 day money-back guarantee, so if you decide you cannot use
STORC for any reason, your money will be cheerfully refunded.

==========================ORDER FORM==============================
Name [ ] Title [ ]
Company [ ] Phone [ ]
Street Address [ ]
City [ ] State [ ] Zip [ ]
Country [ ]
E-Mail [ ]

STORC GOLD 1.0 $39.93 .
*Shipping charge: $6 Continental U.S. and Canada, $15 International
(per copy)
==========================PAYMENT OPTIONS=========================
1) Check (in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. Bank)
(Non-U.S. customers please see Option 5)

Fill out this form and mail with payment to:
4767 Via Bensa
Agoura, CA 91301

2) C.O.D. (Continental U.S. and Canada only) NO SURCHARGE!

Do one of the following:

* Fill out this form. Make sure the address is street address (no POB)
Mail to:
4767 Via Bensa
Agoura, CA 91301

* Fill out this form. Make sure the address is street address (no POB)
Fax to:
PractiSys (818) 706-8877

* Send a message with your street address (no POB) to
CompuServe 72010,567 or
Internet [email protected]

3) CompuServe(GO SWREG).
Register STORC1.EXE (registration ID is 664). CompuServe will bill you
the usual way. We will receive a notification from CIS as soon as you
register, and promptly ship the software.

4) Visa/Mastercard. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards. Ordering through
CompuServe offers similar protection and fast turnaround. You can also
order C.O.D. at no extra charge (please see Payment options 2 and 3).

5) International orders (outside continental U.S. and Canada).
Shipping/handling charge is $15.
Ordering through CompuServe(SWREG) is best. Please e-mail to 72010,567
for instructions on how to pay additional shipping electronically.
You can also pay by check, but it has to be in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S.
Bank. We will discuss any other payment option you consider convenient.