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QuickBASIC Front End - version 1.0 - 06/21/87

QuickBASIC Front End (QBFront) is a utility for QBASIC program
developers. It reduces the time necessary for editing, debugging and
compiling programs. It is most valuable to those who don't like QB's
built-in editor, or want to compile stand-alone EXE programs.

QBFront is distributed in an archive file called QBFE10.ARC.

This version should contain the following files:

QBFRONT.EXE - The program itself
QBFRONT.HLP - On-line help text
QBFRONT.PMT - Extra input prompts
QBFRONT.HIS - A log of the program's travels (please update)
QBFRONT.DOC - This file
QBF.BAT - The batch file to start QBFRONT

The following files will be created on the default drive during
program execution:

QBFRONT.PAR - Storage of parameters
QBRUN.BAT - Instructions written by QBFRONT to execute commands

The following files need to be present on the default drive, or
included in the search PATH:

QB.EXE - The compiler
LINK.EXE - The linker
your text editor, as entered on QBFront's parameter screen.

Since QBFront does not alter the operation of these programs, there
should be very few changes needed, if any.

To run QBFRONT, type "QBF" from the system prompt. QBFront must be run
from a batch file for proper operation.

Additional help and distribution terms are available by pressing "F1"
at the Main Menu.

Users of this program are responsible for determining the suitability
and by using the program assume all risks thereof.

QuickBASIC is a copyrighted program by Microsoft Corporation

QuickBASIC Front End is by Earl A. Daniels,
Copyright (c) 1987, Electronic Applications Development

I may be reached at (912) 244-0950 or via the Valdosta State College
RBBS at (912) 333-5975, 24 hrs., 3/12/2400 baud, SYSOP - Paul Worth.