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The QuickBasic Bulletin Boards List
Originated & Maintained by
William Prince * QuickBasic Central
FidoNet 1:105/150 (206) 892-7500
Date of This Edition: 18 December, 1989

All BBS's Listed are QuickBasic/basic Oriented to a Substantial Degree.
Each BBS Has Been Personally Verified to Comply With This Requirement!
The Latest Revision Can Be File Requested/Downloaded From QuickBasic
Central. (Freq MagicName BASIC-BBS).

All systems listing here must provide first-time callers standard access
to the system as any other verified callers, be it via special questionaire
verifying user as into QuickBasic, etc. The QuickBasic caller wants to see
access to any QuickBasic/Basic related message bases as well as QuickBasic/
Basic File Areas. It is very FRUSTRATING to callers having to jump through
loops only to find that full access is still not granted, or only limited
access which does not provide the caller with fulfillment of his/her purpose
for calling.

Any systems listed on this list that do not comply will be removed. Systems
that cannot meet with these reqirements will not be placed on the List until
compliance is verified, which I will do personally.

I, as do others on this List, belive in the original concept of BBS'ing, which
seems to have gotten out of hand these days, what with all the PAY systems, the
BBS's which require extensive 'Qualifying' procedures, etc. I feel that if a
BBS has so little trust in their fellow man, or penalize the masses for sins
of the few, then they are entitled to implement the procedures as they feel
justified; I just feel that most users, and more especially, the QuickBasic
programmers do not wish those inconveniences; I know I do not.....

BBS Name: QuickBasic Central Phone#: (206) 892-7500 Net/Node:1:105:150
Sysop: William Prince BBS Hours: 02:00-23:45 Freq Hrs:2:00-23:45
Baud Rates Supported:1200-2400 FILELIST: F105-150.ZIP Archiver: PKZIP
QuickBasic Echo? Y QuickBasic Files?: Y HardDisk Size: 40 megs
Pay System? N Computer Used: VIP 286/16 Modem Used: Avatex 2400
Comments: 99% Totally Dedicated to QuickBasic/Basic! FULL ACCESS to First
Time Callers! Freq's Allowed from ANY Nodes! over 20 megs+ of QuickBasic
Goodies! 400+ QuickBasic Files and Growing Daily. Special QuickBasic Authors
File Area for Original Authors! Excellent Graphics for you ANSI Callers.
This is a User-Friendly DBridge/QuickBBS System. A Trip Well Worth It!!!!!!

BBS Name: The ONLINE BBS Phone#: (509) 582-9776 Net/Node:1:347:8
Sysop: Gary Gass (AKA Merlin) BBS Hours: 02:00-01:00 Freq Hrs: 23:00
Baud Rates Supported:0300-2400 FILELIST: ONLINE.ZIP Archiver: PKZIP
QuickBasic Echo? Y QuickBasic Files?: Y HardDisk Size: 130 megs
Pay System? N Computer Used: XT Comp Modem Used: 2400 PCWORKS
Comments: QB/C/Pascal Programmers areas, Largestest selection of files
available in SE Washington. All computer types welcome. Files may be
freq'd 23 hrs a day. Any time but National Mail Hour 01:00 to 02:00 PST

BBS Name: The Late Night BBS Phone#: (804) 685-1602 Net/Node:1:264:611
Sysop: Michael Swanson BBS Hours: 0:10-23:59 Freq Hrs: 0:00
Baud Rates Supported:300-2400 FILELIST: filelist.txt Archiver: zip
QuickBasic Echo? Y QuickBasic Files?: Y HardDisk Size: 40 megs
Pay System? N Computer Used: Tandy Modem Used: US Robotics
Comments: The Late Night BBS specializes in door software. Including doors
to play while online, to dl, and has special file directories for door
programming. And will be the support board for Dictator(A door game being
developed and written now)which will be released sometime in mid-February
We are also a Beta site for Tagmail.

BBS Name: The Astro-Net Phone#: 714-552-2294 Net/Node: 1:103/903.0
Sysop: David Rice BBS Hours: 23 (NMH) Freq Hrs: 24 Hrs
Baud Supported:3/12/2400 FILELIST: ASTRO.LZH Archiver: LHARC1.3c
QuickBasic Echo? Y QBasic Files?: Y HardDisk Size: 83Meg
Pay System? N Comp Used: 2 XT Clones Modem Used: Zipper 2400

Maintains a heavy interest in QuickBASIC. Astrology orientated, has a
large Pagan and Witch membership. Unlimited file requests. Callers must
post a message requesting download privilege due to recent abuses.
Sysop usually honors requests for mailing (U.S. Postal) to the user files
on floppies instead of them having to download them.

The Latest List May Be Freq'd or Downloaded from QuickBasic Central

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: