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So you've never used a library before and you want to know what gives?

A library is a collection of routines, whether written in BASIC, assembly
language, or some other language altogether. It provides a convenient way to
allow different programs to use the same sets of standard or special-purpose
routines (subprograms or functions, in BASIC parlance). Only the library
routines that you actually use will be combined with your program.

There are two forms of libraries for QuickBASIC. The form with the extension
".LIB" is for use with LINK, for creating stand-alone programs which do not
require the QuickBASIC environment. This sort of library can be made or
manipulated using the LIB utility provided with QuickBASIC. The form of
library with the extension ".QLB" is for use in the QuickBASIC environment.
It is created with LINK and (unfortunately) can't be manipulated at all.

To use a QLB library, you specify the /L parameter when starting up QB:
You can optionally include the name of your program before the /L switch.

To use a LIB library, you specify the name of the library when you LINK your
program. Either let LINK prompt you for the library or type something like
BC program/O; (or whatever)

If you are in the QuickBASIC environment and direct the compiler to produce
an .EXE file, it will automatically link the library for you if you started
up QB with the /L option.

Suppose you have more than one library that you wish to use? Well, provided
that you have both of the libraries in .LIB form, this presents no problem.
To use the .LIB libraries, just use a plus sign between their names at LINK

To create a combined .QLB library, use a plus sign between their names when
creating the new .QLB file:

The last two digits of "BQLBxx" represent the version of the compiler that
you have. It doesn't necessarily match the formal version number, though, so
you might just want to use DIR and see what the name of the file really is.
BQLBxx.LIB is one of the files that comes with QuickBASIC.

If you experience a LINK error, make sure that you're using the current
version of LINK. I've heard from many people who turn out to have the wrong
version of LINK in their PATH somewhere... when LINK starts up, it will
display its version number on the screen. The version should be around 3.69
as of QuickBASIC 4.5. You must use the LINK that came with QuickBASIC-- the
one that comes with Quick C is incompatible and the one that came with BASCOM
6.0 (the one with two periods in the version number) has a few bugs.

There is also a nasty bug in the LINK that came with BASCOM 7.0. If you have
that version of LINK, make sure you don't abort the linking process by Ctrl-C
or Break! If you do, your hard drive may be trashed, requiring reformatting!

All clear? No?! Check your QuickBASIC manual for more information!