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| Thomas G. Hanlin III |
| 3544 E. Southern Ave. #104 |
| Mesa, AZ 85204 |

This is a list of some of the software which I have written. The entire
catalog will be sent to you if you register any one of the listed shareware
products, or you may order a set of disks for $5.00 (U.S. addresses only,
please). This does not include shareware registration fees, if any. You
are still expected to register any shareware that you find useful.

ASMWIZ12 The Assembly Wizard's Library, v1.2. This is a collection of
(shareware) over 150 routines for programming in assembly language. Sound
effects, parsing, advanced file support, mouse handling, string
functions, lightning screen I/O, 32-bit math, high-resolution
timers, graphics support and much more is provided.

BASWIZ14 The BASIC Wizard's Library, v1.4. This is a set of
(shareware) routines written in BASIC and assembly language for use with
the QuickBASIC and BASCOM compilers. It provides a powerful
virtual windowing system, an expression evaluator, display
detection, far strings (no more running out of string space),
communications (includes COM3 and COM4), pointers, memory
management, and more.

BATRON11 BananaTron, v1.1. A wall-building game, like the "light
cycles" part of the TRON arcade game, BananaTron is for 2-3
players. This game automatically takes advantage of the
capabilities of your display, be it CGA, EGA, or VGA (the VGA
version has some really eye-grabbing graphics effects).

COMPAT10 COM Patch, v1.0. An automated, menu-driven .COM file patcher,
this utility allows you to password-protect programs, encrypt
them, force CapsLock/NumLock/Insert states, and/or clear the
screen before the program executes.

EQUIP12 Equipment List, v1.2. Displays information about the installed
hardware and software.

EXECOM12 EXECOM, v1.2. Like EXE2BIN, this utility converts .EXE files
to .COM files. It's smaller and faster, though, as well as
offering a few additional conveniences.

EXETOOL EXE Tool. This program examines .EXE files for validity and
can tell you whether the .EXE was designed for use with
Microsoft Windows. If the .EXE file is determined to be too
long, as it might be if you got it using an older file transfer
protocol, you are given the option of truncating it to the
right size.

GRAFWZ14 The Graphics Wizard's Library for BASIC. Provides smaller,
(shareware) faster graphics for BASIC, plus some new capabilities including
PrintScreen, fonts, read .MAC or .PCX file, draw polygon, and
others. Supports Hercules mono, CGA, EGA, VGA, Epson printers.

KEYCTL11 Key Control, v1.1. A keyboard control utility for AT
computers which allows you to change the keyboard repeat rate
and to remap 101-key "enhanced" keyboards to more closely
resemble the earlier keyboard standards.

MATHWZ10 The Math Wizard's Library for BASIC. Provides support for BCD
(shareware) (arbitrary-precision math, up to 254 digits), fractions, more.

OBJTOOL OBJ Tool. This program scans .OBJ files for the module name,
(shareware) public symbols, and external symbols. It checks the .OBJ file
for validity. OBJTOOL lets you change the names of public and
external symbols, which is especially useful if you have
several libraries which contain routines with conflicting
names, for example.

PBCLON11 The PBClone Library, v1.1. This is a collection of over 200
(shareware) routines in assembly language for use with QuickBASIC 4.0-4.5
and BASCOM 6.0-7.1. This is a clone of ProBas, the former
commercial version of the ADVBAS library.

PSCAN10 Public name Scanner, v1.0. This utility searches library
and/or object files for public names, such as global routine
and symbol names. Wildcarding is allowed for both filenames
and for public names.

QBWIZ11 The QuickBASIC Wizard's Library, v1.1. A collection of
(shareware) routines which allow you to access internal variables for
QuickBASIC 4.0 - 4.5. You can retrieve the screen mode,
display adapter type, DEF SEG setting, I/O redirection status,
current screen colors, and many other useful values.

SLINK10 Smart LINK shell, v1.0. This is a shell for the LINK utility
which automatically produces the smallest possible .EXE file
and converts to .COM or .SYS format if appropriate. Wildcards
are allowed in the main file specification, allowing multiple
LINKs to be done at a time.

SMALLFNT Small Font for QuickBASIC 4.0 - 4.5 and BASCOM 6.0 - 6.1. Tiny
characters are generated for use with SCREEN 2, the CGA hi-res
graphics mode. This results in a maximum display size of 106
columns by 33 rows.

SPEEDER2 Speeder, v1.2. This utility speeds up your computer by around
5% by changing the DMA refresh rate.

VCLOCK13 Visible Clock, v1.3. A customizable real-time clock which can
be placed at any location on your screen. Options include
12/24 hour format, hours:minutes or hours:minutes:seconds,
color display, and so forth. This is a tiny TSR.