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KillDLL - Carl Brown
72147,3354 (CServe ID)
Image Sciences Corporation

Great ideas are obvious once you see them....
I can't take credit for this:
I wanted a way to dump a .DLL from memory
when it crashed.
Windows Tech Journal had an article:
Disappearing DLL's
Joe Hecht
November 1992

This is a VB version of the .PAS DLL unloader in the article.
Hope it helps you as much as it does me.

This program is FREEWARE. No waranty, no guarantee,
no nothing.
In the TEXT box, type in the NAME of the dll you wish to unload
from memory.

then press the DUMP DLL button.

Buggy.DLL will be dumped from memory. If it doesn't work,
it will tell you.

The SOURCE is included for those of you with VB. There isn't
much to the source, but it works.

For some real fun, try dumping USER or GDI. (NOT!)... I just
wanted to see if it works. It does. Don't do it.

Pass a command line argument. It will show up in the
DUMP TEXT box. Useful for those severly pesky dlls...