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DavisWARE Liscense Agreement and Order Form
(C) Copyright 1993 by James R. Davis

Software written and distributed by James R. Davis will hereby be
known as DavisWARE. Any references therein this document to DavisWARE
will mean any software that has been written by James R. Davis and the
copyright notification within the program itself. For the latest updates
and full technical support call the Programmer's Mega-Source BBS at
(516) 737-4637. You may also place your order directly on this BBS for
faster response!

DavisWARE is Copyrighted by James R. Davis as of October 1992 and
is covered by US and International Copyright laws. The author reserves
all rights.


You are granted a limited liscense to use DavisWARE for a thirty (30)
day period for the purpose of evaluating it for your own use. After
thirty days, you are required to either register DavisWARE or stop using
it. To continue using it is a violation of copyright laws and just not a
nice thing to do..

The Shareware version of DavisWARE is NOT crippled in any way. There
are no missing features or timers. The only differences between the
registered and unregistered versions of DavisWARE are, the Shareware
version places the word "UNREGISTERED" in the bulletin and displays the
UNREGISTERED logo on the computer screen as part of the copyright
notice, or within some programs a small feature may not be available.

BBS Distribution:

BBSs are granted a limited liscense to distribute DavisWARE in a
compressed format. The distributing BBS is not limited to the type of
compression method used for distribution. However, the BBS must follow
the following guidelines:

1. If DavisWARE is distributed in a ".ZIP" file, the BBS must do it's
best to preserve the "AV" that DavisWARE was compressed with by the
author. If a BBS wishes to have DavisWARE sent to them directly
from the author, please contact the author and a copy will be sent
either by US Mail, or uploaded directly to the BBS. The sole
exception to distribution of DavisWARE without the security "AV"
placed by the author is where a BBS uses a program to validate their
uploads that, as a part of validation, reZIP's the file for maximum
compression (not necessary since the distribution archive from the
author is created with maximum compression enabled).

2. No BBS may, in re-ZIPing DavisWARE, add to the ".ZIP" their own "AV"
which does not belong to the author.

3. No BBS is authorized to add any files to the archive which are not
part of the original DavisWARE archive as distributed by the author.
The sole exception is where a BBS adds an ASCII text file (containing
no ANSI codes of any type) as an advertisement, and the filename for
the file has not and/or will not change, and the BBS does not "cycle"
filenames for the purpose of "fooling" upload checking programs from
other BBSs which remove such advertisements.

4. No user may be charged any additional fee just to download DavisWARE
from the BBS.

Shareware Vendor Distribution:

This copyrighted software and its documentation is NOT PUBLIC DOMAIN.
However, DavisWARE may be distributed at no charge, or for a charge not to
exceed $12 US to cover shipping and media costs. When secondarily
distributed, DavisWARE must be in its original compressed form and
accompanied by its full documentation. The distributed software and
documentation may not have been modified in any way.

No secondary distributor is authorized to "register" an individual
copy of DavisWARE. Registration fees may only be sent directly to the
author as outlined in the manual on disk. Note that the registration fee
is exclusive of, and over and above any fees that may have been charged by
a secondary distributor.

A secondary distributor must notify it's customers that DavisWARE are
shareware programs and that the fee payed by their customer does not
include any fees owed the author for use of this program.

A secondary distributor must notify the author of their intention to
include this group of files in their distribution. A secondary distributor
may be granted exceptions to these conditions, only in writing from the
original author.

The author reserves the right to change any of these conditions without
notice and any changes become retroactive. Failure to abide by this liscense
agreement may result in either Civil Lawsuit or Criminal charges being filed.

Order Information

Shipping and Handling:

All orders REQUIRE a shipping and handling charge as shown below.
These charges cover our costs in shipping your order and tracing
delivery problems.

USA (standard) $ 2.00
USA (2nd day air) 8.00
Canada and Mexico 3.00
All other countries 5.00

Once your order has been recieved and processed, you will be mailed
a letter containing your serial number and instructions for using it
in your configuration file.

Orders typically require 3 - 4 business days processing time before
shipment, and may take more or less depending on our order backlog.
US standard shipping is via UPS Ground, via US Priority Mail where
UPS delivery is impossible (PO Boxes, Alaska, Hawaii, and APO / FPO
addresses), and via First Class Mail for diskette-only orders. US
2-day shipping is via UPS Blue Label. All shipping outside the US is
via Air Mail. Shipping time varies from 1 business day for UPS
Ground to New England, to 6 business days for UPS Ground to California,
to several weeks for countries outside the US where mail service
is slow. Express shipping via UPS Red Label or Federal Express is
available; contact us for rates.

Payment Terms:

Personal checks may be subject to a bank clearance delay before
shipment. All payments must be made in US funds and drawn on a US
bank; see below for more details on international orders. There
is a $7 charge for all returned checks. All personal checks must
be made out to James R. Davis, or you may not receive your order.

Credit Card Orders:

You may order any DavisWARE program with a major credit card for a
modest processing fee of 14.19% of the total price after all
adjustments have bee made. Use the space provided below to enter your
credit card information. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express,
and the Discover Card.

International Orders:

We are happy to accept orders from outside the US, but must require
payment in the correct form to avoid the exorbitant fees charged by
US and non-US banks for international check collections.

Acceptable Payment:

* A check or money order in US funds and drawn on a US bank.
Checks which are not in US funds and drawn on a US bank must
unfortunately be returned to you, resulting in significant
delay in processing your order and additional expense to
* A major credit card. If the card holder's name and address
differ from the person who is registering, please include the
information to expidite your order. We currently accept Visa,
MasterCard, American Express, and the Discover card.
* An international postal money order in US dollars.

DavisWARE Order Form

Return to: James R. Davis
Attn: DWare Order Form
3 Williams Blvd - 3-1C
Lake Grove, NY 11755 USA


Name ________________________________________________________________

Company _____________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________


Voice Phone Number/Contact Time _____________________________________

BBS Name (if applicable) ____________________________________________

BBS Phone (if applicable) ___________________________________________

BBS Software (if applicable) ________________________________________

Register to: ___ Company ___ BBS ___ Individual

I have read and agree to abide by the DavisWARE license agreement:

(Signature) _______________________________________________________

Where did you hear about DavisWARE? _________________________________



Registration fee as stated in the program's $ _______

Any Shareware program from the included in the $5 ea. $ _______
DWARE.DOC (unregistered Shareware versions only)
***** If you include a a blank pre-formatted floppy
with a self addressed stamped return floppy mailer,
this charge is voided and you should check this
box. [ ] ***** (not available with credit card orders)

Extra phone charge if you wish the author to upload $3 $ _______
any Shareware program to your system. (unregistered
Shareware versions only)

[I have set up an account on my BBS (BBS phone number given above)
for JAMES DAVIS with the user password of _______________________.]

Subtotal $ ________

Shipping Charges (see shipping costs on previous page) $ ________

Pretotal $ ________

Credit Card Processing Fee 14.19% of Pretotal $ ________

Credit Card # _______________________ Exp Date __________

Card Holder Name/Address if different then given above

Name _________________________ Address __________________

City _________________________ State ______ Zip _________

Total Amount Enclosed $ ________

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