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XLIB Registration Form

Send this form with check or money order to:

TechniLib Company
P.O. Box 6818
Jackson, Ms 39282

You will either be sent a diskette with a registered copy of
XLIB, or else you will be given a registration number by phone
with which you can modify XLIB to eliminate the registration
reminder message. Such modification renders an exact copy of XLIB
as would otherwise be sent by mail.
TechniLib will derive your registration number from a number
generated by the file KILLRRS.EXE. This file is in your XLIB
archive. You must be able to execute it while talking with the
TechniLib representative by phone. The telephone number you give
below should be for a telephone near your computer.
The fee for registration by phone is $35. For $45 you will
receive a registered diskette and a printed copy of the user's
Your business is appreciated.





State__________________________________ Zip____________________

Phone # (near your computer)_____________________________________

Fax # ___________________________________________________________

Hours you may be reached by phone________________________________

What version of XLIB do you presently have?______________________

How did you hear of XLIB? _______________________________________