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Filename : EXAMPLE3.C

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/* The following Microsoft C 7.0 program should be linked with the assembly
language library in Example 2. Combine the library with XLIB.LIB using the
Microsoft Lib utility. The C program first initializes XLIB. Next, it
creates a float array. A control block for SUMARRAY is then constructed
and the call to SUMARRAY is executed. Finally, the condition code in the
control block is inspected and results are printed. */


extern long __far __pascal LINADR(void __far *ptr);
extern void __far __pascal SUMARRAY(void __far *ptr);

struct arraydata
long condcode;
long n;
long address;
float sum;
} ad;

float a[101];

int i;
long temp;

temp = INITXLIB();
if (temp != 0)
printf("Initialization Error: %lX\n",temp);
return 0;

for(i = 0; i <= 100; i++)
a[i] = i;

ad.condcode = 0;
ad.n = 50;
ad.address = LINADR(a);

if (ad.condcode != 0)
printf("Error: %lX\n",ad.condcode);
return 0;
printf("Sum: %f\n",ad.sum);