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Wolfware Assembler Revision History

This is a brief history of the changes that have been made to Wolfware
Assembler (WASM) since its initial release in February of 1986. In addition
to the below, erroneous instructions on how to patch up and fix certain bugs
in Version 1.0 was released in December of 1986. These instructions, if
encountered, should be avoided.


Version 1.0, February, 1986

Initial public release.

Version 2.00, December, 1986

Major revision. Major new features include conditional assembly, macros,
parenthesis in expressions, DOS 2.0 support, and rewritten documentation
with index and bibliography. Major bugs fixed are unsigned divide overflow
and error closing include files. Upward incompatibilities are operands must
be separated by commas, only immediate data can be equated, PROGRAM_SIZE
is changed to $SIZE, and user defined symbols should not start with $.

Version 2.01, February, 1987

New feature is relative ORG displacement. Other changes are FLAGALL- is now
default and larger programs can be assembled. Bugs fixed are error in
memory allocation that could result in insufficient memory error and the
spelling of "February" is corrected.