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The UPACKFIX program will work with either the french or english versions
of UPACKEXE provided it is first decompressed with UNLZEXE v0.5. I have
included the english version of UPACKEXE (in decompressed form) because it
is the version that I use.

Both versions will decompress to the same size with UNLZEXE v0.5 and can be
patched without problems. If you have an earlier version of UNLZEXE you
may want to get the v0.5 version. However, if the version you have
decompresses the UPACKEXE program to a size of 11,840 bytes, the UPACKFIX
program may work. After patching the program you can them re-compress it
using whatever program you prefer.

If you have any questions regarding the UPACKFIX program, contact me through
CompuServe, John F. Piotrowski 76645,3446