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PC/1100 (tm) Level 2R1


Queen City Software
423 Walnut Street - Suite #219
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101-1908
(717) 234-4842

PC/1100 is simple to install and configure:

(1) Create a separate subdirectory for PC/1100. Example:


(2) Log onto the newly-created subdirectory. Example:


(3) UNZIP all files from UNIVAC21.ZIP into the newly-created
subdirectory. Or, COPY all files that you previously UNZIPped
into the PC/1100 subdirectory. Example:



(4) Run SETUP.BAT by entering "SETUP" at the DOS prompt.

(5) UCONFIG (Univac console CONFIGuration) will be invoked. This
utility allows you to configure major options of the Univac
1100/40 console. It produces U.BAT, which contains the
appropriate command-line syntax to properly invoke UNIVAC.EXE.
U.BAT should NOT be altered by the user, as unpredictable results
may occur.

Mouse support is provided to select and deselect options,
including the F-key commands at the bottom of the screen.

Press F10 to exit and setup your U.BAT file.

(6) VCONFIG (Video CONFIGuration) will be invoked. This utility
allows you to configure PC/1100 to take maximum advantage of your
video hardware. Resolutions up to 1280x1024 are supported.

First, enter the number of the video driver you wish to use.

Press F3 when your selection is complete.

Second, enter the digit of the resolution you wish to use.

VCONFIG will pause before beginning a test of the video
driver/mode you have selected. If unsatisfactory results occur,
press ^C to abort configuration when prompted with "Press any key
to continue".


The best compromise for visual impact and speed is obtained with
640x480x256 mode. Higher resolutions appear truer to life, but
run slower.

If using EGA resolution (640x350), we highly recommend you select
the "Use Square Bulbs" option with UCONFIG. Round bulbs appear as
diamond-like stars at this low resolution.

If you have a video card with the S3 graphics coprocessor chip
(e.g. Diamond Stealth VRAM), we highly recommand you select Driver
#24. This driver takes full advantage of your graphics
accelerator card's features and significantly speeds up PC/1100's
register display updates.

DO NOT select a resolution of less than 640x350! The resulting
display will look like a big blob of colored blocks.

PC/1100 has NOT been extensively tested on all configurable
hardware, so if you experience any difficulties, please write with
details so that we may investigate and fix the problem.

If your first attempt to configure PC/1100 fails, you may rerun
VCONFIG as often as necessary until satisfactory results are

(7) The UNIVAC program will now be invoked. The console will be
in STOP mode.

Press F9 to run the UNIFLASH.ABS program, which is included with
PC/1100. (Other programs are available in PC/1100 Professional.)

Press F4 to halt the CPU and exit to the DOS prompt.

(8) Configuration and testing are now complete.

From now on, simply enter "U" from the PC/1100 subdirectory to run
the Univac 1100/40 console emulator.


Complete and advanced installation is covered in the "Installation
Reference Manual", which is provided in the PC/1100 2R1
Professional package. You may order PC/1100 Professional directly
from Queen City Software for $25.00 + $3.50 S&H at the above
address. This package includes the above-mentioned reference
manuals (professionally printed), along with 2 handy reference
cards (Console Operator Quick-Reference Card & Assembly Language
Quick-Reference Card). An assembler and disassembler are provided
which use syntax virtually identical to the REAL Univac 1108 to
allow you to write your own programs for PC/1100.

To register PC/1100 and obtain the newest version as soon as it is
available, send $10.00 + $3.50 S&H to Queen City software at the
above address. This version does NOT include printed reference
manuals, but DOES include 2 quick-reference cards (@ASM &
Console Operator).

Registered users of any version will also receive numerous sample
programs in addition to the UNIFLASH program that is included with
the free shareware version.

See ORDERFRM.DOC for complete details on how to order.


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