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10/01/85 Version 2.0 First version with external table def files.

01/01/86 Version 2.1 Added '*=' and '=' directives as
alternatives to .ORG and .EQU (for
more complete MOS Technology compatibility).
Enhanced parsing algorithm so it can
deal with more than one variable expression.
Added -d option

02/14/86 Version 2.2 Modified so instruction set definition
tables don't need to be compiled in.
Added 8051 tables.
Increased the number of labels allowed.

03/31/87 Version 2.3 Fixed bug that prevented location 0xffff
from being used and written to object file.
Most changes in wrtobj() and pr_hextab().

05/01/87 Version 2.4 Added multiple byte opcode support.
Added shift/or operation capability to
args from instruction set definition table.
Converted to MS C version 3.0
Added hashing to instruction set table
lookups to speed up.

11/01/87 Version 2.5 Added DB and DW directives.
Added escape capability in TEXT strings.
Fixed inst_lookup function to treat the
multiple wild card case a little better
Added 8080/8085 and Z80 tables.
Added sorting on label table.
Increased size of read buffer.
Speed enhancements.
Added DEFCONT (macro continuation) directive.
Converted to Microsoft C 5.0 compiler.
Added 6805 table (and related modops).
Added Z80 bit modop.
Minor speed up.
Fixed bug that enters infinite loop
when a macro invocation has no closing paren.
Added some three arg MODOPs.

8/15/88 Version 2.6.1 Added CODES/NOCODES directives
Fixed bug preventing directives in multiple
statement lines.

2/1/89 Version 2.7 Removed ad hoc heap and now use malloc()
Added MSFIRST and LSFIRST directives.
Added EXPORT directive.
Added symbol table file (-s flag).
and the SYM/AVSYM directives to support
the Avocet avsim51 simulator.
Added support for TMS320.
Added -r flag to set read buffer size.
Converted expression evaluation from
signed 16 bit to signed 32 bit (enabling
apparent ability to use signed or unsigned
16 bit values).

4/20/89 Version 2.7.1 Return 0x20000 for undefined labels so that
(label+x) type stuff won't confuse zero
page addressing.
Added duplicate label error message on pass 1.

6/20/89 Version 2.7.2 Improved macro expansion capability.
No expansion in comments.
Context sensitive identifiers.
Revised exit codes.

6/27/89 Version 2.7.3 Added -a flag for strict error checking:
(1) No outer parens around expressions.
(2) Error message if unused argbytes remain
(3) Duplicate labels
Fixed so ']' can terminate expressions.
Removed parse() from tasm.c

8/19/89 Version 2.7.4 Added Motorola hex object format.
Fixed bug that complained when \ immediately
followed a opcode with no args.
Slightly improved error reporting (Errorbuf).

10/31/89 Version 2.7.5 Added TMS7000 support.
Fixed argv[] bug (only dimensioned to 10 in pass1.

12/23/89 Version 2.7.6 Improved handling of % (modulo vs binary
prefix ambiguity).
Fixed list so lines with more than
6 bytes go on second line.

03/04/90 Version 2.7.7 Fixed bug that left off 2 bytes if ORG
went backwards and all 64K was used.
Added a command line option to ignore
case on labels.
Added a couple MODOP rules for TMS9900.
Allow double quoted text strings for BYTE.

04/15/90 Version 2.7.8 Fixed expression evaluator bug (paren popping)
and changed expression evaluator to a more
conventional left to right evaluation order.
Added TURBOC ifdef's (from Lance Jump).

08/20/90 Version 2.8 Primarily a documentation update.
Added error check for AJMP/ACALL off of
current 2K block (8051).

10/15/90 Version 2.8.1 Minor speed up in label searching.
Fixed word addressing for TMS320
Version 2.8.2 Local labels.
More label table format options (long form
suppress local labels).

11/30/90 Version 2.8.3 Turbo C conversion.
DS directive added.

12/27/90 Version 2.8.4 Added COMMENTCHAR directive to change the
comment indicator in the first column.
This was done to support the assembly
files from the small C compiler (sc11)
for the 68CH11.

02/14/91 Version 2.8.5 Added LOCALLABELCHAR directive to
override the default "_" as the
prefix for local labels.

03/18/91 Version 2.8.6 Added some MODOPs in support of TMS320C25

04/20/91 Version 2.8.7 Fixed sign extend bug in CSWAP modop.
Increased MAXLABS to 10000 for big version.

05/05/91 Version 2.8.8 Fixed pointer bug in debug output in sort_labels().

05/20/91 Version 2.9 TMS320C25 table along with some MODOP enhancements
for it.
TASMTABS.DOC updated (but not TASM.DOC)

08/09/91 Version 2.9.1 Nested conditionals.

04/01/92 Version 2.9.2 Fixed long label clobber problem in
find_label() and save_label. Syntax
errors could result in a comment line
after an instruction being lumped together
with a label resulting in a long label.
The label functions were not testing for
labels that exceed the specified size.
Added CHK directive.
Added REL3 MODOD to support uPD75xxx.
Delinting and more ANSIfication.
Modifications due to feedback from B Provo:
Added FILL directive.
Allow multiple labels for EXPORT directive.
Allow address with END directive.
TASM.DOC update

11/25/92 Version 2.9.3 Improved error reporting for mismatched quotes.
Disallow the single quote character constants.
Convert to BCC++ 3.1
Provide filename,linenum on all error messages.
Modify format of error messages for compatibility
with the Brief editor.
Added ECHO directive to send output to console.
Performance improvements in macro processing.
"Type Safe" conversion (compatible with C++).
Improved error reporting for imbalanced ifdefs.

01/29/93 Version 2.9.4 Added rules for 8096 (I1,I2,I3,I4,I5,I6).
Generate error message on forward reference
in EQUate statements.
Eliminated -a option for enabling the detection
of branches of 2K page for 8051. This
is now built into the table.
Allow white space in double quotes for BYTE
directive. This previously worked for TEXT,
but not BYTE.
Fixed defect with Z80 4 byte indexed instructions.
Fixed macro defect. If the macro definition has
args but the invocation does not some garbage
gets expanded into the source line.
Z80 OTDR opcode was incorrect.
Z80 IN0/OUT0/INA instructions did not require
the parens around the args.
Some experimental support for windows verson of TASM.

10/24/93 Version 3.0 Documentation update. TASM.DOC, TASMTABS.DOC
and RELNOTES.DOC updated, but the functionality
remains unchanged from version 2.9.4.