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This is the shareware distribution disk for TASM - a table driven
assembler. The files on the disk include:

TASM.EXE - TASM Assembler, executable
TASM48.TAB - 8048 Instruction definition table
TASM51.TAB - 8051 Instruction definition table
TASM65.TAB - 6502 Instruction definition table
TASM85.TAB - 8085 Instruction definition table
TASM80.TAB - Z80 Instruction definition table
TASM05.TAB - 6805 Instruction definition table
TASM3210.TAB - TMS32010 Instruction definition table
TASM3225.TAB - TMS32025 Instruction definition table
TASM68.TAB - 6800/6801 Instruction definition table
TASM70.TAB - TMS7000 Instruction definition table
TEST*.ASM - TASM test files (one for each table).
TESTTABS.BAT - Batch script to execute TASM for each test case.
8051.H - Useful register definitions for the 8051
MOTO.H - Useful directive definitions for Motorola compatibility
TASMDOC.ZOO - TASM User's Manual Archive (zoo format)
MISC.ZOO - Miscellaneous sample files
README - Brief Explanation of Disk contents
COPYRIGH.T - Copyright notice
ORDER.FRM - Order Form
BOOZ.EXE - Archive extracter (ZOO format)

For a brief discription of how to run TASM, execute TASM with no command
line parameters.

To extract the ZOO archives:

booz x tasmdoc.zoo
booz x misc.zoo

If you find TASM useful, why not register? Unregistered use of TASM
beyond a reasonable evaluation period is a violation of the license.
For the $40.00 registration fee you get:

1. Latest version of TASM.
2. Source code (in C).
3. Bound Manual.
4. Telephone support.

To register, use the form on the disk (ORDER.FRM), or just send
$40.00 check or money order to:

Thomas N. Anderson
Speech Technology Incorporated
837 Front Street South
Issaquah, WA 98027
73770,3612 (CompuServe)
[email protected] (Internet)