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TASM is distributed as shareware. The shareware portion of the
product may be freely copied and used for evaluation purposes. Use
of TASM beyond a reasonable evaluation period requires registration.
Registered users receive the following benefits:

1. The recent version of TASM.
2. TASM source code (in C).
3. Bound TASM manual.
4. Telephone support.
5. Knowledge that they are supporting the development of
useful but inexpensive software.


TASM Registration (TASM disk, manual, & source) $40.00 _______

TASM Site Registration (for sites with multiple 90.00 _______
users. Includes same materials as above.)

TASM User's Manual (included above) 10.00 _______

TASM update for registered users 10.00 _______
(latest disk (with source), and manual)

Subtotal _______

Tax (Washington state residents add 8.2%) _______

Billing fee (for orders not accompanied by check) 10.00 _______

Foreign postage (outside North America) add $10.00 _______
(Foreign orders must be in US funds drawn on a US bank)

TOTAL (post paid) _______

Which processors are of primary interest to you? __________________
(This is for our information only. You will
receive all current TASM tables).

Shipping Address:




Send check or money order (no credit cards) to: Speech Technology Inc.
Software Division
837 Front Street South
Issaquah, WA 98027