Category : Assembly Language Source Code
Archive   : TASM30.ZIP
Filename : COPYRIGH.T

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The files on this disk are:
Copyright 1985-1993 by Speech Technology Incorporated, all rights reserved.

Portions of TASM.EXE (C runtime library) are Copyright 1992 by
Borland International.

The following files on this disk may be freely copied and shared with others:

TASM.EXE - TASM Assembler, executable
TASM48.TAB - 8048 Instruction definition table
TASM51.TAB - 8051 Instruction definition table
TASM65.TAB - 6502 Instruction definition table
TASM85.TAB - 8085 Instruction definition table
TASM80.TAB - Z80 Instruction definition table
TASM05.TAB - 6805 Instruction definition table
TASM68.TAB - 6800/6801/68HC11 Instruction definition table
TASM3210.TAB - TMS32010 Instruction definition table
TASM3225.TAB - TMS32025 Instruction definition table
TASM70.TAB - TMS7000 Instruction definition table
TASM.DOC - TASM Documentation
TASMTABS.DOC - TASM Documentation on individual tables
TEST*.ASM - TASM test cases (one for each table)
TESTTABS.BAT - Batch script to execute the test cases
8051.H - Useful register definitions for the 8051
MOTO.H - Useful directive definitions for Motorola compatibility
README - Brief Explanation of Disk contents
COPYRIGH.T - Copyright notice
ORDER.FRM - Registration Form
MISC.ZOO - Miscellaneous examples, etc.
BOOZ.EXE - Archive extracter (ZOO format).
ADDENDUM.DOC - Latest release notes.

Although you may freely copy the above files, TASM is not 'free' or
'public domain'. It is copyrighted material which can be copied and
evaluated by people without registration, but those that use it on a
regular basis must register (see the ORDER.FRM file).

The following files are to be copied only with the following
restrictions: The owner of this software may make as many copies of
the following as is deemed necessary as long as no possibility exists
for the software (or derivitive products) to be in use on more than
one machine at a time. Or, if a site license has been purchased, the
software can only be used on machines at that site.

TASM.C - TASM source code
TASMMAIN.C - TASM source code
MACRO.C - TASM source code
PARSE.C - TASM source code
STR.C - TASM source code
LOOKUP.C - TASM source code
WRTOBJ.C - TASM source code
FNAME.C - TASM source code
WRTOBJ.C - TASM source code
TASM.H - Header file defining TASM constants
MAKEFILE - Make file to build TASM (Borland C++ 3.1)

Thomas N. Anderson
Speech Technology Incorporated,
837 Front Street South
Issaquah, WA 98027