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page 66,132
title slowdown.asm - reduce processor speed

code segment
assume cs:code

org 0100h

jmp init

; ----- DATA -----

ms_slowing db "Processor being slowed down...",0dh,0ah
db '$'
ms_badvalue db "Incorrect value for SlowDown:",0dh,0ah
db "Specify a number between 1 and 95 inclusive!",0dh,0ah
db '$'

tim_adr label dword ; address of original user timer rtn
tim_off dw ?
tim_seg dw ?

k_ten dw 10 ; constant 10
k_100 dw 100 ; 100

tick_cnt dw 0 ; tick counter

loop_cnt label dword ; loop counter
loop_low dw 0
loop_high dw 0

pct_idle dw 50 ; default: 50% idle

loop_max dw ?


; This first timer interrupt routine is just used to calibrate the timer
; so that the user can enter a percentage rather than an absolute count.

inc tick_cnt
jmp tim_adr

; This timer routine loads a loop counter with the desired number of
; iterations and counts down to zero before returning.

push ax
mov ax,loop_max
mov loop_low,ax
pop ax
push ax
mov ax,loop_low
dec ax
mov loop_low,ax
pop ax
cmp loop_low,0
jge tim_lp
jmp tim_adr

; ----- INITIALIZATION -----


; establish addressability

push cs
pop ds
assume ds:code

; Check for parameters

mov cl,byte ptr ds:[80h]
xor ch,ch
jcxz got_factor

; Parameter present - scan for digits.

mov si,81h
xor bx,bx
sub al,'0'
jb next_digit
cmp al,10
jae next_digit
xchg ax,bx
mul k_ten
add al,bl
adc ah,0
xchg ax,bx
loop scan_lp

cmp bx,1
jb bad_value
cmp bx,96
jae bad_value
mov pct_idle,bx
jmp short got_factor

mov dx,offset ms_badvalue
mov ah,9
int 21h

mov al,1
mov ah,4ch
int 21h

; Get current timer interrupt vector

mov al,1ch
mov ah,35h
int 21h
mov tim_seg,es
mov tim_off,bx

; Set timer interrupt vector to routine 1

mov dx,offset tim_rtn_1
mov al,1ch
mov ah,25h
int 21h

; Loop 1: Wait for first tick to happen.

cmp tick_cnt,0
jz l1

; Loop 2: Increment loop counter until second tick happens.

push ax
mov ax,loop_low
inc ax
mov loop_low,ax
pop ax
cmp tick_cnt,2
jb l2

; Now the number of loop iterations per tick is known. Multiply by the
; user-supplied percentage to get the number he wants to diddle away.

mov ax,loop_low
mul pct_idle
div k_100
mov loop_max,ax

; Set up the second interrupt routine.

mov dx,offset tim_rtn_2
mov al,1ch
mov ah,25h
int 21h

; Print friendly message

mov dx,offset ms_slowing
mov ah,09h
int 21h

; Exit (keep program resident)

mov al,0
mov dx,offset init+100h
mov cl,4
shr dx,cl
mov ah,31h
int 21h

code ends
end start

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