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This program was written to assist people writing code
for the 8085. During my under-graduate and post-graduate
study I was required to write assembler code for the 8085.
I would then test this code out on a small development
system called the SDK-85. I wanted a system that would let me
look at: The registers, the memory, and the ports all at the
same time. This prompted me to write the program that you
have downloaded.

This program will run on any IBM/Compatible with just
about any graphics card. It looks alot better on an EGA/VGA
screen but will operate on CGA, MDA, or Hercules as well. It
requires about 200K at run time.

On line help is available by typing help when you are at
the command prompt inside the program. Other then that, the
program is relatively self explanatory.

Please, support the shareware system. If you find that
this program assists you, and I'm sure you will if you are
writing code for the 8085, Please buy a registered copy. It
will help me to produce simulators for some of the other
eight bit processors such as the motorola 6801, 6809, 6811
and for some of the controllers. Registration is only $15

You are welcome to distribute the zip file to your
friends and to other bulletin boards but please, do not
modify the zip file in any way. You may not charge anything
for this zip file other then reasonable compensation for the
distribution media. For

I have made every attempt to make this program "glitch"
free, but it is possible that I may have missed something.
If you try this program out and find what you think to be a
"glitch", contact me and discuss it with me. If I verify
this "glitch" as unintentional I will give you a free
registered copy of the program and my thanks. An example of
an unintentional glitch would be an opcode that doesn't
operate correctly.

If you have any questions or comments about this program
or any of the other simulators that I have written or am
writing, please feel free to contact me. My address and
phone number are as follows:

Cat's Paw Software Compuserve 71507,211
Kevin Lueschow
2404 North Sheridan
Peoria, IL 61604
(309) 685 - 3596

I have included a shareware assembler for you to use
in compiling your programs. I do not take any credit for it
and want you to understand that buying a registered copy
of the simulator does not give you a license to the
assembler. I have tried it out and found that it works very

well, though I don't use it since I have my own assembler.
You can compile the code in any of the formats (MOS, HEX or
BINARY) and load those programs into the simulator.

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Archive   : SIM85.ZIP
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