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Output of file : INTRUPTS.ASM contained in archive : SIG8051.ZIP
; This program activates the most commonly used interrupts
; of the MCS-51 controller. These are:
; serial interrupt
; timer 0 interrupt
; timer 1 interrupt
; external interrupt 0
; external interrupt 1

; This program services the above interrupts.

; the serial routine sends a byte out and receives it back.
;* the user must jumper P3.0 and P3.1 together *
; the stack is used in the serial interrupt to a depth of 5.


ea_byte equ 09fh ; all -51 interrupts enabled
tmod_val equ 11h ; timer0 in 16-bit mode
; timer1 in 16-bit mode
t0_val equ 00h ; timer0 reload, LSB
t1_val equ 80h ; timer1 reload, LSB
t_val equ 0ffh ; timer MSB

end_it equ 0ffh ; inc a up till this value
delay equ 0ffh ; base for delay time
; w/12 MHz clock, routine works
; at delay=14h, not 0ah
scon_val equ 098h ; 9 bit uart, ninth bit = 1
; rcv enabled
pcon_val equ 000h ; $80, 1/32*(clock), 19.2 kbaud
; $00, 1/64*(clock), 9600 baud
stk_ptr equ 31h ; stack begins immediately
; after 2 data bytes at 30h,31h
low_val equ 01h ; low byte of timer 0 reload
hi_val equ 58h ; hi byte of timer 0 reload

org 30h ; scratchpad RAM
wait: ds 1
rcv_data: ds 1
org 0h
initz: jmp start

org 3h
int_0: jnb p3.2,$ ; wait till int0 goes high
inc r0 ; use r0 to count # of int0's

org 0bh
t0_int: clr tr0 ; stop timer0
jmp t0_work

org 13h
int_1: jnb p3.3,$ ; wait till int1 goes high
inc r1 ; use r1 to count # of int0's

org 1bh
t1_int: clr tr1 ; stop timer1
jmp t1_work

org 23h
s_int: ljmp ser_int

org 60h
start: mov sp,#stk_ptr ; set the stack pointer
mov scon,#scon_val
mov pcon,#pcon_val
mov ie,#ea_byte

mov tmod,#tmod_val
mov tl0,#t0_val
mov th0,#t_val
mov tl1,#t1_val
mov th1,#t_val

mov r0,#00h
mov r1,#00h

setb p3.0 ; alternate func. is RXD
setb p3.1 ; alternate func. is TXD

mov dpl,#00h
clr ti
clr ri

setb it0 ; int0 is edge sensitive
setb it1 ; int1 is edge sensitive

setb tr0 ; start timer0
setb tr1 ; start timer1

xmit: mov sbuf,dpl ; dpl inits to 0
mov wait,#delay ; dead time: adjust this
; to tighten noose
loop2: nop
djnz wait,loop2
jmp xmit
push acc
push dpl
push dph
push wait
push rcv_data
mov a,dpl ; manipulate data by acc
mov rcv_data,sbuf ; read the rcv'd byte
cjne a,rcv_data,bombout ; if different, bomb
clr ri ; clear the rcv interrupt
clr ti ; clear xmt interrupt too
inc a ; then inc a

; exit condition is commented out for this version
; cjne a,end_it,popm ; and compare to $ff
; go to top if not done
; jmp the_end ; go to the end if done

popm: pop rcv_data
pop wait
pop dph
pop dpl
mov dpl,a ; xmit byte will inc'd
pop acc


bombout: jmp $ ; screwed up

the_end: jmp $ ; ok

t0_work: mov tl0,#t0_val
mov th0,#t_val
setb tr0 ; start timer0 again

t1_work: mov tl1,#t1_val
mov th1,#t_val
setb tr1 ; start timer1 again

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