Category : Assembly Language Source Code
Archive   : RHSTDLIB.ZIP
Filename : STRUPR.ASM

Output of file : STRUPR.ASM contained in archive : RHSTDLIB.ZIP

stdlib segment para public 'slcode'
assume cs:stdlib
extrn $uprtbl:byte, sl_strdup:far
; strupr- Converts to upper case all lower case characters in the string
; pointed at by es:di.
; strupr2- Same as above except it creates a new string then converts the
; characters in the new string. The original string is unchanged.
; inputs:
; es:di- Buffer for destination string.
; outputs:
; es:di- Points at converted string (points at new string
; for strupr2).
public sl_strupr
sl_strupr proc far
push es
push ds
push ax
push bx
push si
push di
mov si, es
mov ds, si
mov si, di
lea bx, $uprtbl
ToUprLp: lodsb
xlat cs:$uprtbl
cmp al, 0
jne ToUprLp
pop di
pop si
pop bx
pop ax
pop ds
pop es
sl_strupr endp
public sl_strupr2
sl_strupr2 proc far
call sl_strdup
jc RetFar
jmp near ptr sl_strupr
RetFar: ret
sl_strupr2 endp
stdlib ends