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Archive   : RHSTDLIB.ZIP
Filename : STRCAT.ASM

Output of file : STRCAT.ASM contained in archive : RHSTDLIB.ZIP

stdlib segment para public 'slcode'
assume cs:stdlib
; strcat- Appends one string to the end of another.
; inputs:
; ES:DI- Points at destination string, the one to which the source
; string will be appended.
; DX:DI- Points at the string to append.
; Note: The destination string's (ES:DI) buffer must be sufficiently large
; to hold the result of the concatentation of the two strings.
public sl_strcat
sl_strcat proc far
push ds
push cx
push ax
push si
push di
mov ds, dx
; Find the end of the destination string:
mov al, 0
mov cx, 0ffffh
repne scasb
; Copy the second string to the end of the current string.
dec di
CpyLp: lodsb
cmp al, 0
jnz CpyLp
pop di
pop si
pop ax
pop cx
pop ds
sl_strcat endp
stdlib ends