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| Change read-in of .REM, .CTL, etc so 1Ah at end is OPTIONAL.
| Dump doesn't adjust for ORG
| Boo-boo w/GRAFLIX.COM, ctl S shows 2 blocks of zeros!
| Boo-boo w/QWICKCHNG.COM, .RSM has extra apostrophes in DB 0XXh lines.
| Boo-boo w/Label character checking. Check_<, gives error w/MASM & TASM.

| Needs to save ORG in the .CTL file
| .EXE files:
Check 'MZ', set ORG per header so IP=0100h, show header stuff, put 'Start',
do Reloc's per Start=0100h (may have to insert JMP Begin to get past Data).
Oriented to re-doing as .COM files - don't incl padding, EXE stuff, etc.

| Device Drivers show header stuff. Chk any file not C or E if no .CTL.
| JMP & CALL SSSS:OOOO (kind34:), see TEST.ASM, add 'seg at' for prolog.
Use bit 7 of OprndType flag Prolog do 'seg at' ? .SMB not incl where lbl is.
May need 2 word addr in .SMB table, or OprndType incl additional ref to
numbered SEG table, not just CS, DS, ES etc. - similar to .EXE stuff.

| Elim WORD/BYTE PTR DS: for labels ? Must know curr DS, & that it is DB.
| in FileMod, many nnnn[SI] should be [SI+offset Label].
Also, MOV AX,nnnn should be MOV AX,offset Label... Control if no is addr ?
| DW lines check for CTL and SMB on odd bytes, too; insert H ctl if so.
| CALL & JMP (in pgm) make sure addr is I ctl & not overlapped in B mode.
| Instr overlapping label must fix so Dline shows DBs if ANY ctl or lbl
occurs within it. (Req get # bytes before printing, or bksp). Try VDISK.SYS.
| B mode: MOV DI nnnn or SI nnnn or SP nnnn, etc must ref a Label
| BYTE/WORD/DWORD PTR operands insert B or W CTL at addr if prev ctl not W, then
reset to previous CTL ??
| DW lines: when to show OFFSET Label ?? Need better way decide if addr...
Vector tables NUMBERS, not offset (see FileMod). O ctl=offset/A ctl=addr ??
| DB label lines MUST show ;addr, use REMARK routine
| Instr's [BP] MASM will not assemble SS: pfx, MOV assumes DS:, etc; yet may be
in code. Tough to pick out before line. Use buffer for line, insert DB ?
Use for LEA, too ? May also be true for ES:[DI].
| Allow both inserted prior AND appended remark on same line.
Gets screwed up when insert after appended...

* Run FileMod as child, on loaded pgm. Eliminates S & D commands.
* Add CALC
* Add print DOS & BIOS function descriptions. Link to sep. source file ??
Have a way to mark a MOV AH,nn line as a DOS call line.
* PgUp & crsr up while U'ing would sure be nice. Req. save curadr & pcntr for
every line, and subtract; beep if backing up past unassembled area.
* Crsr L & R, End, Home, Del for all cmd line entry, CMERR not erase line.
~ Add '186, '286 (and later '386) toggles to show DBs for higher-CPU code ?
~ Fxxxx 1C,AH shows as Fxxxx 1C,SP. Do '87 instr set. List in !TASM.DOC.
~ Try weed out strings of punctuation, oddballs like '[' only ASCII after '$'.
~ add .EXT to "RE-SOURCE disassembly of D:\PATH\NAME", & use to avoid
LSamename.OVL, F9 wiping out the .REM, .Smb, and .CTL files.
~ For strucs: CNNNN,Snn do DB xx DUP ('Stack ') where nn=8 ?? See Filemod.
~ Smb segment type (the SB when Dumping Symbols) NFG, some are SS (all ex.=S)

~ Need a Find for occurrances of an instruction (e.g., any OUT or OUT DX, etc)
or a word number in an operand, or every '186/286 instr.
Also, for any Label or Remark text (match any part of string, like XY search).
~ Change the modregr/m routines to show [BX+2] instead of 2[BX]
~ Pgup/pgdn/crsrup/crsrdn routine for REM, CTL & SMB dumps, just 1 column.
~ Show length of file loaded & n DUPs in DECIMAL (must add routine).
~ Handle curpar for files over 64K long, fix up Stats, E ctl at ReadFile, etc.
~ Direct screen instead of TTY. Messages & status at the right.
Window for filename & length, 'F1 Help', indicators for when in A or B,
T on or off, etc. Put crsr at place to write label or comment.
Mouse interface, click-on menu(s) like ACAD.
Mark 'H ' in reverse video at end of CTL lines.


Ennnn,.Sym[,m] Enter symbol at nnnn, ,m enters SEGMENT like E1234,Lbl,C for CS
(seems useless, can have many code or data segs)
Seg Prefix OK on cmds A,B,C,S,F,L,O

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Archive   : RE-SOURC.ZIP
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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: