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| Change read-in of .REM, .CTL, etc so 1Ah at end is OPTIONAL.
| Dump doesn't adjust for ORG
| Boo-boo w/GRAFLIX.COM, ctl S shows 2 blocks of zeros!
| Boo-boo w/QWICKCHNG.COM, .RSM has extra apostrophes in DB 0XXh lines.
| Boo-boo w/Label character checking. Check_<, gives error w/MASM & TASM.

| Needs to save ORG in the .CTL file
| .EXE files:
Check 'MZ', set ORG per header so IP=0100h, show header stuff, put 'Start',
do Reloc's per Start=0100h (may have to insert JMP Begin to get past Data).
Oriented to re-doing as .COM files - don't incl padding, EXE stuff, etc.

| Device Drivers show header stuff. Chk any file not C or E if no .CTL.
| JMP & CALL SSSS:OOOO (kind34:), see TEST.ASM, add 'seg at' for prolog.
Use bit 7 of OprndType flag Prolog do 'seg at' ? .SMB not incl where lbl is.
May need 2 word addr in .SMB table, or OprndType incl additional ref to
numbered SEG table, not just CS, DS, ES etc. - similar to .EXE stuff.

| Elim WORD/BYTE PTR DS: for labels ? Must know curr DS, & that it is DB.
| in FileMod, many nnnn[SI] should be [SI+offset Label].
Also, MOV AX,nnnn should be MOV AX,offset Label... Control if no is addr ?
| DW lines check for CTL and SMB on odd bytes, too; insert H ctl if so.
| CALL & JMP (in pgm) make sure addr is I ctl & not overlapped in B mode.
| Instr overlapping label must fix so Dline shows DBs if ANY ctl or lbl
occurs within it. (Req get # bytes before printing, or bksp). Try VDISK.SYS.
| B mode: MOV DI nnnn or SI nnnn or SP nnnn, etc must ref a Label
| BYTE/WORD/DWORD PTR operands insert B or W CTL at addr if prev ctl not W, then
reset to previous CTL ??
| DW lines: when to show OFFSET Label ?? Need better way decide if addr...
Vector tables NUMBERS, not offset (see FileMod). O ctl=offset/A ctl=addr ??
| DB label lines MUST show ;addr, use REMARK routine
| Instr's [BP] MASM will not assemble SS: pfx, MOV assumes DS:, etc; yet may be
in code. Tough to pick out before line. Use buffer for line, insert DB ?
Use for LEA, too ? May also be true for ES:[DI].
| Allow both inserted prior AND appended remark on same line.
Gets screwed up when insert after appended...

* Run FileMod as child, on loaded pgm. Eliminates S & D commands.
* Add CALC
* Add print DOS & BIOS function descriptions. Link to sep. source file ??
Have a way to mark a MOV AH,nn line as a DOS call line.
* PgUp & crsr up while U'ing would sure be nice. Req. save curadr & pcntr for
every line, and subtract; beep if backing up past unassembled area.
* Crsr L & R, End, Home, Del for all cmd line entry, CMERR not erase line.
~ Add '186, '286 (and later '386) toggles to show DBs for higher-CPU code ?
~ Fxxxx 1C,AH shows as Fxxxx 1C,SP. Do '87 instr set. List in !TASM.DOC.
~ Try weed out strings of punctuation, oddballs like '[' only ASCII after '$'.
~ add .EXT to "RE-SOURCE disassembly of D:\PATH\NAME", & use to avoid
LSamename.OVL, F9 wiping out the .REM, .Smb, and .CTL files.
~ For strucs: CNNNN,Snn do DB xx DUP ('Stack ') where nn=8 ?? See Filemod.
~ Smb segment type (the SB when Dumping Symbols) NFG, some are SS (all ex.=S)

~ Need a Find for occurrances of an instruction (e.g., any OUT or OUT DX, etc)
or a word number in an operand, or every '186/286 instr.
Also, for any Label or Remark text (match any part of string, like XY search).
~ Change the modregr/m routines to show [BX+2] instead of 2[BX]
~ Pgup/pgdn/crsrup/crsrdn routine for REM, CTL & SMB dumps, just 1 column.
~ Show length of file loaded & n DUPs in DECIMAL (must add routine).
~ Handle curpar for files over 64K long, fix up Stats, E ctl at ReadFile, etc.
~ Direct screen instead of TTY. Messages & status at the right.
Window for filename & length, 'F1 Help', indicators for when in A or B,
T on or off, etc. Put crsr at place to write label or comment.
Mouse interface, click-on menu(s) like ACAD.
Mark 'H ' in reverse video at end of CTL lines.


Ennnn,.Sym[,m] Enter symbol at nnnn, ,m enters SEGMENT like E1234,Lbl,C for CS
(seems useless, can have many code or data segs)
Seg Prefix OK on cmds A,B,C,S,F,L,O